LORD – Fallen Idols (Album Review)

LORD – Fallen Idols
Released: August 1st, 2019


Lord Tim | Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Andy Dowling | Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Furtner | Guitar, Backing Vocals, Additional Keyboards


Six years in the making, six bloody long years between albums. Sure, bands have gone longer between releases (Tool) but as a fan those past six years felt like an eternity. So when an advance copy landed on my desk, I closed my eyes, pressed play and was ready to welcome what was about to belt out of the speakers – good, bad, or otherwise.

You know how so many metal albums start with a soft acoustic into, lilting and gentle like a leaf blowing in an autumn breeze. Then the distortion hits and your wrenched into a maelstrom of metal? Well forget that shit! Fuck the delicate intro, here’s a sledgehammer to the face! That’s how Wollongong’s mighty LORD kick off their very long-awaited Fallen Idols. The opening salvo is fired with ‘United (Welcome Back)’.  

Welcome back indeed, for this song alone it was worth the wait. Frontman Lord Tim mixes it up between high screams and aggressive growls, chuck in some insanely fast guitar solos and a huge chorus, this song has it all for any old school metal fan. To be honest it’s like they threw the proverbial metal kitchen sink at the track. My first thought was ‘holy shit!’ And then, ‘don’t peak too soon boys there’s a long way to go’. Little did I know what was lurking right around the corner in the shape of ‘Immortal’. The boys from The ‘Gong sink their teeth into a little ditty about Transylvania’s own Vlad the Impaler. Machine gun drums, a huge guitar sound combined with the haunting ring of a bell. This song is actually more Iron Maiden than most Iron Maiden songs, and I mean that with the utmost respect to both bands. More drums, more solos via Mark Furtner’s insane shredding, Lord Tim’s operatic vocal delivery with Andy Dowling’s rapid-fire bass lines, there is nothing left on the table. Ok I’m getting a little carried away, but my jaded reviewers’ hat just flew off as I started banging my fucking head.

Such is the power of LORD.

But wait, there’s more! Mixed in the with the nods to NWOBHM, the odes to extreme metal and the brutal power of thrash is a power ballad. Yes folks the much derided addition to just about every metal release in the 80’s and 90’s. Sometimes at the band’s request but more than often an insistence from the record company trying to force a commercial hit from music that was never supposed to be commercially acceptable. And let’s be honest, there haven’t been anywhere near enough power ballads released recently. So here we have ‘Counting Down the Hours’. This track has a real Bruce Dickinson ‘Change of Heart’ vibe to it. A tale of lost love complete with Lord Tim’s soaring vocals, catchy as fuck chorus and a nice little acoustic intro – so that’s where it is! Warning, there’s an ear-worm waiting for you in this song, I had it buzzing around my head days after the first listen.

I’m going to resist breaking this album down track by track, because to be perfectly honest long reviews are boring, and some things are best unsaid. There’s so much going on in this album my mashing the keyboard will never do it justice. What I can say is this is undoubtedly the best music LORD have released in their career and for that reason it gets a well deserved perfect score!

lord - fallen idols

LORD – Fallen Idols tracklisting:

  1. United (Welcome Back)
  2. Immortal
  3. Fallen Idols
  4. Wilder Than the Wind
  5. Nod to the Old School
  6. Chaos Rising
  7. Counting Down the Hours
  8. In Dreams (bonus)
  9. The Edge of the World
  10. Kill or Be Killed
  11. Master of Darkness

Rating: 10/10
Fallen Idols is out Thursday August 1st. Pre-Order here
Reviewed by Gareth Williams

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