LORD – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 26th July @ Crowbar, Sydney NSW

Crowbar, Sydney NSW
July 26th, 2019
Supports: Darker Half, Rise of Avernus, Carmeria and Tamerlan Empire

LORD are one of, if not the, premier Australian metal band(s). The band, rising from the ashes of Dungeon have enjoyed gigs with the best of the international scene, headlining Australian line-ups and festivals such as Steel Assassins, and even an appearance at Prog Power in the US in 2016. The band fronted by the enigmatic Lord Tim have released amazing material and have proven time and time again that they are at the top of the Australian scene. Tonight is the launch their fifth full length studio album, Fallen Idols, and is a full line-up of metal bands.

The Crowbar has many punters from the Sydney scene and it is great to see the room packed with a crowd, LORD deserve it.

Tamerlan Empire are the first act tonight and these guys are definitely outside of the box. They are a Sydney act and have been around for some time and they essentially are a black metal band, in my opinion, however, they have a haunting Middle Eastern sound that is thematic throughout their songs. A very different band to be playing on the bill, but they came across extremely well and fitted in. My only concern with their set was the fact that they were hindered by quite a terrible sound and mix, I respect that this is not the bands fault, but unfortunately this did impact upon how they come across. Tamerlan Empire are a unique act well worth checking out and I am keen now to have a good listen to their recorded material.

Carmeria were up next, and they are a symphonic metal outfit hailing from Sydney, and a band who have been on the scene for seven years and have a few singles under the belt. They have a really strong visual presence and have definitely come along to play. It was great to see people here tonight familiar with the outfit and they played a tight set. There were some moments in the set that really grabbed me tonight, and I am looking forward to seeing these guys play again. However, they too were impacted upon by the sound they were given unfortunately.

Rise of Avernus, another home town act, are a black metal/symphonic band and by the time they hit the stage the room was filling up. They hit the stage and they had a great presence. I really enjoyed the interaction between the members of the band and you could really tell that they have a number of shows under the belt. I have actually seen these guys play a number of times before and they are definitely becoming a lot tighter, and live, they are looking a lot more comfortable and ready to take on the world.

Darker Half are playing tonight just under LORD, and it is great to see them tonight as I haven’t seen them play for some time. Darker Half are a band who have come a long way as a live act, as songwriters and as musicians; and this isn’t to say they couldn’t play when they first appeared on the Sydney scene. Tonight the punters were ready for them, knew a lot of the material and sung along with the band from the first note. The band commanded the stage well, played to the audience and show cased just why they are one of the best on the Sydney scene at the moment. Songs that really stuck out for me were two new songs that will appear on their next album, ‘Follow Me into the Shadows’ and ‘Glass Covered Rose’. I sincerely hope that these tracks are an indication of the strength of the new album.

LORD hit the stage, close to a packed house, and broke in to their opening track, ‘Footsteps in the Sand’, as hometown heroes. The band were in fine form and are playing really tight as a unit. Tim was right on song tonight, as he commanded the audience, and sung extremely well. He really is a seasoned frontman these days; but I must say his jokes haven’t improved. The band worked their way through old favourites, including some Dungeon tracks, such as ‘Set in Stone’, ‘One Step Beyond’ and the amazing closing track ‘Through the Fire’. The new songs from Fallen Idols worked really well within the set, including the title track and the heavy ‘Kill or Be Killed’; I purchased the album here tonight and am looking forward to a listen on the back of these songs. As the set progressed so did the intensity of the room and I was impressed with the way the set ebbed and flowed, and just how the band actually fed off each other throughout the evening. It was also a positive sign to see he band play with the same drummer on back to back Sydney gigs; this could be a first for the band. The band are playing extremely well, they were on point, tight and very sincere in their performance.

The band really deserve to get some serious support from Fallen Idols, both in Australia and overseas. They have been doing the hard yards for a long time, and releasing consistently impressive music throughout their career. They really solidified the fact that they are at the very pinnacle of the scene in Australia, and it was great to be here and witness their set. If you have never seen LORD before, I don’t know where you are, and if you don’t have a LORD album, you are not an Australian metal fan. AN impressive night from a solid bill and a very professional headliner. All the best with the release of the new album LORD.

Gig Review by Mark Snedden

Photo Gallery by Mick Goddard (MickG Photography) Insta: @mickg_photography
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