Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target (Album Review)

Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target
Released: July 26th, 2019


CJ McMahon – Vocals
Jesse Beahler – Drums
Andy Marsh – Guitar
Sean Delander – Guitar
Kevin Butler – Bass



Fuelled by all things dark in nature, Thy Art Is Murder are back with their fifth studio album and a new face behind the drum kit. With their most previous album, Dear Desolation being the bands first shift out of the bands deathcore roots and into a more traditional death metal sound, fans the world over await this album in anticipation to see what the band will do next and understandably so.

The first single to have been dropped and title track ‘Human Target’ kicks off the album and starts the album exactly where Dear Desolation ended, with its vigorous and punchy bursts of fast-paced instrumentals and the overwhelmingly impressive vocals of CJ McMahon. A staple to a TAIM album is, of course, a guitar solo which is inclusive in this song pre-breakdown. Next up is ‘New Gods’, which is catchy in every meaning of the word. It gives us a taste of the band’s Holy War era without discrediting their progression and evolvement. The way each member’s world-class precision and timing (amongst the fast pace of the band’s nature) gels together leaves this group in a class of their own. ‘Death Squad Anthem’ has a guitar riff that is erringly similar to ‘Puppet Master’, which possibly proves that the band’s songwriting process is becoming stale. Nevertheless, this song is a high quality piece of work, with the technicality of the drums and guitars, as well as CJ’s faultless vocals all working together to create a sound which leaves you feeling as if you have been punched in the nose. ‘Make America Hate Again’ was the latest single to be released from the record, with the band releasing the track on July 4th, USA’s Independence Day. After putting all the pieces together this is a clear attack of the world leaders, with lyrics like “The propaganda machine spills its patriotic pus in the streets. We lap it up, drunk on fantasy, you never practice what you preach. A servant’s life is incomplete, what will it take to be free”. Although its message is clear, it’s production and sound is fantastic. The guitars intricate details and speed are incredible.

‘Eternal Suffering’ is a throwback to their Hate era. With the band’s deathcore roots coming through. Majority of the song is played at one speed in an almost monotone state until pre-breakdown when the pace slowed down then furiously picked back up throughout the breakdown. The drums are a focal point in this song, with the rest of the band’s sound building around them. ‘Welcome Oblivion’ starts off with an ever intriguing guitar riff right up until the rest of the lads come into play, the drums play at an impressively fast speed in this one with new drummer, Jesse Beahler, showing his worth. Producing an abundance of blast beats and double kicks this one is sure to keep the bands older fans happy! ‘Atonement’ shows an array of CJ’s impressive vocals as he makes you question whether he is even breathing. This one is at a slightly slower pace for the first half of the song, until a slow but constantly heavy breakdown in produced, leaving me in awe. ‘Voyeurs Into Death’ Is arguably the albums heaviest. With intricate fast paced instrumentals gelling together to create this incredible sound which CJ growls on top of. With a breakdown at the end of the song which makes you want to punch a hole in a wall, this one is bound to be a fan favourite by those who love to mosh.

Eye For An Eye’ and ‘Chemical Christ’ end the album on an unsurprisingly heavy note. With a plethora of blast beats, breakdowns and double kicks. These two songs ultimately show what Thy Art Is Murder are all about and what they are to achieve as the conquer world domination by metalhead and deathcore/death metal lovers alike.

Australia’s heaviest exports, Thy Art Is Murder have done it again, producing an album that may be slightly generic in comparison to their earlier material but it is the sound we all love an yearn for. After already being a heavyweight the world over in this genre its exciting to think what new height this album can take this band.

thy art is murder - human target

Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target tracklisting

  1. Human Target
  2. New Gods
  3. Death Squad Anthem
  4. Make America Hate Again
  5. Eternal Suffering
  6. Welcome Oblivion
  7. Atonement
  8. Voyeurs Into Death
  9. Eye For An Eye
  10. Chemical Christ

Rating: 7/10
Human Target is out Friday via Human Warfare/Nuclear Blast. Pre-Order here
Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994

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  1. Sam Clark // July 29, 2019 at 10:24 am //

    Last half of the album is so good. Not a fan of the singles release but tracks 5-10 are bangers.

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