Are Skyway Planning A Comeback Or Nah?

The Gold Coast’s pop punk heroes Skyway have a tendency to get fans psyched at the idea of a comeback and over the weekend, they sent fans into overdrive when a photo appeared on their band’s Facebook page with the caption: “2019“.

But, don’t get too excited though, we went straight to the source with frontman James McMaster (ex-Dan McMaster, more on that name changeĀ here) to suss out what the go was, to which he replied:

“Just a little catch up nothing crazy… Will let you know if anything eventuates šŸ˜‰”

Now, that could be one of two things, a typical catch up of mates, seeing each other for the first time in years, OR, maybe a planning session of something that could be ahead. The band’s 2010 EP Nauseating SuburbiaĀ turns 10 next year, meaning an anniversary tour could happen and their debut album Finders Keepers turns 10 in 2021, but according to our last chat with guitarist Ron Chant back in 2017, he’d only do it if certain requirements were met:

ā€œA good lump of money, much more than weā€™re worthā€¦ and free pissā€¦ or maybe like aĀ New Found GloryĀ support slot or somethingā€¦ at the Tivoliā€

The band’s last show was in 2014 at The Lab in Brisbane, before then, they supported All Time Low in 2013 so it’s been a hot minute since we had some Skyway in our lives. Keep your fingers crossed for a potential reunion but also take this news with a grain of salt, as the boys have got our hopes up in the past and not given any cuddles afterwards…

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