Thy Art is Murder – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 13th July @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Thy Art is Murder
The Corner Hotel, VIC
July 13th, 2019
Supports: Justice of the Damned, Dealer and Wither

Our boys in Thy Art is Murder are back with a vengeance and Australia are frothing for it. Our deathcore lords have released deafening tracks like ‘Human Target‘ and ‘Make America Hate Again‘ to get us psyched for their brand new album out in a couple weeks. Oh, and they decided to do a cheeky sold-out tour to amp us up even more. 

Thy Art brought a huge list of mates along for this ride, first up namely Wither. These guys have only jumped on the scene in recent months. The Aussie supergroup obviously don’t undergo the usual ‘start-up’ type journey as they’ve come together from other exploding bands in the scene. Their live sound was immediately heard with strobes complementing their ferocity. The best way to describe the performance was hearing The Devil Wears Prada on steroids, so wild. With just one EP in the Spotify-verse, we’re waiting for what’s next from these dudes.

Then what we got next was something pretty sick. Many of us haven’t quite got a glimpse of Dealer live yet. I’m sure you know the story of what ignited this band, their fury and aggressive muse – and they certainly channeled it live. The sound was filled with bellowing bass, tuned down riffs to the ground, and rap-growl vocals that were simply gangster AF. With guest vocalist Jordan Dunbar from Melbourne band Starve jumping on stage during the song ‘Melancholy Oxidase’, which only added to energy radiating from the band and into the crowd.  The U.S. have gotten word of these guys via Attila‘s Fronz and are undoubtedly imminent from exploding globally.

Nope, not done yet. Not a deathcore show without Thy Art bringing their mates Justice for the Damned to crack some skulls. These thrashcore guys built so much on ground momentum. Despite a few nose bleeds and broken bones, they infused tight energy into the crowd. The pits were on a new level and the eclectic outfit delivered a wide range of sounds from their releases. Whilst some tracks were at a high velocity and death metal influenced, other tracks slowed right down and delivered some sexy breakdowns, with a Boris the Blade-esque feel.

Bring on the ‘Death Squad Anthem‘. The Corner hotel was pulsating with anticipated energy for Thy Art is Murder. The sold-out venue held an exploding gasket of fans who couldn’t stay still even before the band appeared on stage. The band launched with earthquake bass and flaunted their volume as they played the triggering bars to the aforementioned track.

Vocalist CJ McMahon had his signature cloak and hood on, encapsulating satan himself as he spat out the lyrics to the first couple of new bangers. The strobe and dim red lighting characterised the deathly atmosphere quintessentially. CJ exclaimed his love for Melbourne and seemed right at home as he bantered with his beloved fans. The band ripped through their usual killers like ‘The Purest Strain of Hate‘, ‘Holy War‘ and ‘Reign of Darkness‘. The delivery was exceptional and led to headbanging all round. It was fucking loud, man.

CJ has always been active about his views of social media and technology as well as other active initiatives and he shares it in a way that doesn’t create animosity but rather relatability. The show was massive and the fans went berserk, they really gave it all they got. Needless to say, we cannot wait for this new album to drop next week!

Review by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90


Death Squad Anthem
Make America Hate Again
The Purest Strain of Hate
Shadow of Eternal Sin
The Son of Misery
Holy War
Light Bearer
Dear Desolation
Slaves Beyond Death
Fur and Claw
Coffin Dragger
Reign of Darkness
Puppet Master
Human Target

Photo Gallery by Clinton Hatfield. Insta:
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Justice For The Damned

Thy Art Is Murder

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