Ice Nine Kills Release ‘IT is the End’ LIVE Music Video Feat. Reel Big Fish Members

Here at Wall of Sound, we’re all about Ice Nine Kills. The metalcore band who take inspiration from books/movies and turn them into musical masterpieces so far advanced, it’s insane to think they aren’t more popular in Australia (get to know them better via our Sounds You Need In Your Ears piece here).’

Last year, they unleashed their latest album The Silver Scream (our review here) which took inspiration from horror movies like Saw, Friday The 13th, Halloween, The Crow and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and turned them all into incredible musical adventures almost as good (if not better) than the original source material.

The last song on the album (arguably the best here at WoS HQ) was ‘IT is the End‘, based upon the IT movie and luckily for us, they’ve released the live music video for it featuring an immaculate recording of their show and a cameo from Reel Big Fish horn blowers Matt Appleton and John Christianson (who took the place of Less Than Jake‘s Buddy and JR who recorded the horn section on the studio version).

Frontman Spencer Charnas discussed the song and threw back to the band’s origins, when they were once a ska punk band:

“Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been completely immersed in the punk ska scene. Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake have always been two of my favorites of the genre. To have Buddy and JR from LTJ perform the horns on the album, and then to get Matt and Johnny from RBF to join us on stage live were two truly special experiences. This is one of my favorite tracks we’ve ever recorded because IT takes 2 genres that are almost diametrically opposed, metal and ska, and puts them together in a really unexpected way. It also pays tribute to the fact that Ice Nine was originally a ska band, and although we are a heavier band today, I still wear that influence on my bloody sleeves.”

It sounds epic, fast and furious and all I can think of now is WHEN WILL THE BAND MAKE THEIR DEBUT IN AUSTRALIA? Surely soon right? Spencer told us during an interview he was keen to get down here, but wasn’t sure when that would happen:

 “There has been talk of doing a Japanese tour, I’m hoping we can do Japan and Australia in one swing and finally get there, because it has been long overdue.”

We’re still waiting guys…

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