Disentomb – The Decaying Light (Album Review)

DISENTOMB – The Decaying Light
Released:  July 12th, 2019

Line up:

Jordan James Phillip | vocals
Cappelletti  | bass
Henri  Sison | drums
Jake Wilkes | guitars



Since making the statement “Album III recording completed” on a Facebook post in November of 2018, Disentomb have been teasing fans and building the hype for their new album, with cryptic pictures and song quotes. The bandwill finally release their long-awaited third album The Decaying Light, on July 12, 2019. The four-year predecessor Misery set a massive bar for this album to follow and has left fans in eager anticipation. In May of this year, Disentomb announced they have signed with Unique Leader Records and EVP Recordings, and dropped their new single ‘Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness’, featuring Matti Way of Disgorge, Abominable Putridity and Pathology fame. This is track 2 on the album and sets the pace for what follows; uncompromising brutality.

From the onset of the album, with ‘Collapsing Skies’ opening the doors to hell and dragging us in; the production is impeccable. The sound is full and heavy as fuck, with each track packing an almighty punch. Frontman Jordan is an absolute titan, his vocals are intensely guttural, while at the same time so rounded and calculated, like an additional instrument. Not so new-comer, Adrian’s bass sound is easily detectable throughout the album and pairs well with Jake’s technical guitar sound, only to enhance the already mind-blowing, heavy riffs. Team this with Henri’s relentless, precision drumming that varies from doom to blasts and everything in between and Disentomb have well and truly solidified and mastered their epic sound. The final track ‘Withering’ is an unexpected, yet very welcome, haunting instrumental that sits as a perfect outro. It’s no surprise that only a few weeks since Disentomb released the video for the title track ‘The Decaying Light’, it’s already generated thousands upon thousands of views and comments of praise.

This masterpiece of an album is laden with some serious Doomy undertones, yet is so dimensional, it leaves no stone unturned. Not only has The Decaying Light matched its predecessor, it has smashed it out of the ballpark, taking the band to a whole new level.


Disentomb – The Decaying light track listing:

1. Collapsing Skies
2. Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness
3. Indecipherable Sermons of Gloom
4. Undying Dysphoria
5. Centuries of Deluge
6. The Decaying Light
7. The Great Abandonment
8. Dredged into Existence
9. The Droning Monolith
10. Dismal Liturgies
11. Invocation In The Cathedral of Dust
12. Rebirth Through Excoriation
13. Withering

Rating: 9/10The easiest I have ever given!
The Decaying Light is released July 12th
 via EVP Recordings. Pre-Order here!
Review by Trudy Johnson 


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