Chimaira’s Mark Hunter Is Selling His 3c Royalty Check On eBay As A Laugh At The Music Industry

In a bizarre, but well humoured twist, Mark Hunter, lead singer of Chimaira, is selling his royalty checks on eBay. Mark posted this pic on his Facebook page, clearly as a piss take, but also as a way of dispelling the myths that if you’re in a touring band, you’re making fat cash.

In the post he says:

Feeling like the Wolf of Wall Street thanks to these huge music royalty checks. 
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley…

Let’s get something straight here, Mark isn’t crying poor with this post, not in the slightest, he’s merely highlighting how little royalties you can make at certain times. I know a LOT of local musos who have posted the same thing to their socials, and it’s a joke to a lot of them, I mean, how can you NOT laugh at getting a 3c royalty check? The envelope and paper it’s printed on are worth more than that.

So, at the suggestion of a few fans in the comments to sell it on eBay, Mark is doing just that, throwing in goodies like signed albums as well, and he said he’ll donate some of the money raised to charity, because he’s a bloody ripper bloke.

Here’s the link to the eBay listing, grab yourself a bit of metal history and support a charity at the same time. Awesome.

Words by Higgo @Higgo74


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