Of Mice & Men Joined The EDM Crossover Phase On Kayzo & Yultron’s New Song ‘Night Terror’

Ok, so this is a thing right now. If you’ve been living under a rock, you wouldn’t know that some heavy/rock artists have recently been teaming up with EDM producers to branch out from the heavy (or in some cases, continue the heavy with some dubstep infused belters) and we took a look recently at some of the good, the bad and middle ground releases over recent years (check that out here) but now we can officially add Of Mice & Men to that list who have teamed up with Kayzo and Yultron for their new song ‘Night Terror‘ which, surprisingly, sounds fucking legit!

This song combines softer, melodic vocals which lead up to a heavy dubstep injected chorus that reminds me of some of Skrillex‘s best tracks from the past. I’m not normally a fan of EDM stuff nowadays (my techno phase is long gone) but this, this is something else. Don’t go in expecting an Of Mice & Men song and you may end up enjoying it more then you’d expect to.

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