Jamie Townley – Amberyse ‘Smashing Through Glass Houses’

Since the release of their debut EP Born Too Familiar in 2017, Victorian metalcore outfit Amberyse have been building momentum and spreading their noise by jumping on some shows in their home state with the likes of In Hearts Wake, Ocean Grove and Northlane. The guys have just released new single ‘Glass House’ and announced a tour in support of that, which includes Amberyse‘s first shows in both NSW and QLD. We sat down with the band’s guitarist, Jamie Townley to chat about the new single, playing shows and when you can be expecting to hear EP #2.

Congrats on the release of your latest single ‘Glass House’ and scoring some Triple J love on that one! How stoked are you on the response so far?

Yeah, really stoked. We were super nervous when we were gonna release this one. Obviously it’s a bit of a tonal shift from our last song (‘Heavy Hands’), and we went for a bit of a melody hook rather than straight slamming the heavy stuff. We’re really proud of it though, and everyone seems to be digging it so far!

Where did the inspiration for ‘Glass House’ come from?

Our vocalist does most of our lyrical content and themes for the songs. ‘Glass House’ is geared towards people going through whatever struggles they might be going through on a day to day basis. For Jaydan, it’s depression and anxiety, and it just tells the story of someone going through that, about what’s it like to be in your own mind, overcoming that and having to do the same thing the next day.

Your last single ‘Heavy Hands’ (last year) saw you guys tour with Northlane and Ocean Grove. What was the touring highlight for Amberyse in the last year?

Out of all the shows played, the most memorable would be our hometown launch. We got to play some pretty amazing shows with Northlane, Ocean Grove and In Hearts Wake. They were all incredible and really good learning experiences. But being able to play to a full room to all our friends and family is just unreal. It was packed out, heaps of fun and there was plenty of energy. Definitely the highlight of the past year. There’s nothing like a hometown show, and we’re super keen to do it all again!

You guys are playing with a stacked lineup of supports on the Glass House tour – Liberties, The Gloom in the Corner, and you’re also supporting Meliorist in Brisbane – will this be your first show up in Queensland?

Yeah, we’re super stoked to finally make our way up there. We got really lucky to get the main support for the Meliorist show with their EP launch. It’s also super cold in Victoria at the moment – so we’re keen for some warm weather!

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For those fans that are yet to see the live Amberyse experience, describe the show in one sentence.

A lot of energy, unnecessarily loud, and our singer’s a bit awkward in between songs!

Isn’t that most lead singers though?

Yeah, you can’t be a proper metalcore band unless you’ve got an awkward singer!

And, what’s the word on the follow up EP to 2017’s Born Too Familiar?

We’re going to be recording with the same guys who did the last EP. We’re going to get through this tour first, finish putting together the songs we’ve got so far and hopefully have something new out before the end of the year.

Awesome! Well, we can’t wait for the new stuff!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)

Amberyse will play Melbourne, Geelong and Brisbane in the next 2 weeks.


Amberyse The Glass House Tour

June 28 @ Stay Gold (18+) – Melbourne, VIC SELLING FAST
With Pridelands, BLKLST, Furious George
Tickets here

June 29 @ Geelong Workers (18+), VIC SELLING FAST
With The Gloom in the Corner, Liberties, Upon World’s End
Tickets here

July 6 @ Crowbar (18+) – Brisbane, QLD
With Meliorist, Isla Vera + Guest TBA
Tickets here


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