Slowly Slowly Release ‘Jellyfish’ Music Video

I’ve been pretty hit and miss when it comes to Slowly Slowly songs but their latest single ‘Jellyfish‘ is filled with so much cheesy/weirdness, it’s hard to not like it and they’ve just released the equally mindboggling video for it featuring a couple who love each other a bit too much… taking PDA to a whole new level.

Frontman Ben Stewart explains the meaning behind the song saying:

“I think at surface level you hear the Jellyfish line in the chorus and you think ‘oh this is a dicky little song about the ocean… But if you dig a little deeper you realise it’s a song about perception and how love looks on a nihilistic backdrop – how we can pull each other out of spiralling inward. I still like the playfulness of the song though and I wanted to keep that in the video.”

Watch the video and you’ll never look at hot dogs the same way ever again….

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