Flangipanis To Front F*ckEndo Fundraiser In Brisbane

You know what sucks? Endometriosis sucks. I can’t tell you exactly how garbage it is because I don’t have a uterus. But a lot of my friends and family members do and several, that I know of have suffered from this shitty disease including my sister and sister in law.

My older sister has suffered from this disease for most of her life I’ve seen her go through countless surgeries and be basically crippled from something that until recently was often passed off as “women’s problems”. She is not alone. Approximately 1 in 10 Australian women suffer from this currently incurable disease at some point in their life which causes tissue from the lining of the womb to grow outside it in other parts of the body, which might sound kind of metal, but it’s not. I would guarantee that anyone reading this will know at least one person who suffers from endometriosis, probably more. Those sufferers will tell you that it drains the quality of life from you and there and nothin’ metal about that!

A group of women who suffer from endometriosis have put together a fundraiser to raise money for Endometriosis Queensland which raises money for endometriosis awareness and support for those affected by it. Not only is this show for an incredibly important cause, it has one of the best local lineups you’ll see in Brisbane this year with Flangipanis, Bottlecock (who are reuniting for this one), CNT EVN, June Low, Koko Uzi, Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands and André Simmeaux and it’s at one of the best bars in Brisbane, The Bearded Lady.

The event takes please on Saturday the 16th of June starting at 2pm and all the acts rule so get down early, ten bucks on the door, but donate more if you can all the money goes to help your mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters and mates. There’s also an auction too with some great prizes up for grabs, once again, all for a great cause!

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F*ckEndo – Fundraiser
feat. Flangipanis, Bottlecock, CNT EVN, June Low, Koko Uzi, Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands and André Simmeaux

June 16th @ The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

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