Chris Motionless Says ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Takes Aim At The Evil Ways Religion Is Used Globally

As Motionless In White celebrated the release of new album Disguise in 2019, we were quite stoked to be able to discuss it all with frontman Chris Motionless in our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast series.

One question in particular which podcast host Browny asked regarding a song on the album called ‘Thoughts And Prayers‘ got Chris worked up as he went into detail explaining what it was about and the idea behind it. Turns out it’s about how fucked religion is and how it is always usually involved with any of the tragic events that happen around the world (more notably, gun control issues in the United States) and Chris was very passionate about talking about his disapproval of it:

“When I started working on the lyrics to that song, that’s where it was head primarily [Gun control/violence], but as I was working on it, I was like ‘oh my’ there’s just so much more about what religion means in our country and how I feel that it’s contributing to such a downfall progression of not just our country but the world globally”

“It’s my commentary on the very evil ways that it’s used” – Chris Motionless on ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

He goes on to say the song isn’t an attack on religion itself, but he does acknowledge how it is always in the way or linked to certain events around the world:

“[Religion is] constantly in the way of all of these major, major decisions that are made globally that I think it doesn’t have any fucking place in… It’s definitely something that I feel like [has] been polarising since the beginning of time and people either agree or disagree with it and it’s just really upsetting that the people who agree with it seem to be the ones here that rise to power and get to dictate what everyone has to follow…”

“It’s just really upsetting and disheartening but you can only do so much and try to live your life the way that you want to within those parameters”

We couldn’t agree more and we’re glad he took a stand to write about something that means so much to a lot of people who feel the same way.

Take a listen to Chris Motionless co-hosting Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall here and go listen to Disguise, out now (our review here).

Revisit Disguise here

Motionless in White - Disguise

Motionless In White – Disguise tracklisting

1. Disguise
2. Headache 
3. </c0de>
4. Thoughts & Prayers
5. Legacy
6. Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride
7. Holding On To Smoke
8. Another Life
9. Broadcasting From Beyond the Grave: Death Inc.
10. Brand New Numb
11. Catharsis

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