BLKLST – Spider Love (EP Review)

BLKLST – Spider Love
Released: 7th June 2019


Joshua Westwick // Vocals
Justin Murphy // Guitar
Evan Lee // Bass
Drue Herring // Drums
James Gracie // Studio Member
James McClurg // Studio Member



Melbourne boys BLKLST have been making a name for themselves in the last few years, spreading their heavy as fuck sound and playing shows with everyone from Deez Nuts, Make Them Suffer to Alpha Wolf. Now they’re ready to unleash a new dose of heaviness in the form of their latest EP, Spider Love.

Spider Love launches with a fierce in-your-face track titled ‘BLK.FM’ which sees the band directing their lyrics at anyone who will listen. I really dig songs like this and this track also gives me some serious nu-metal vibes. ‘Something Inside Me’ brings out the grunge/metal vibes from the band with an explosive riff during the chorus that’s definitely going to stick in your mind. The band’s first single ‘They All Look the Same’ featuring Dealer frontman, Aidan Holmes is full of low intensity riffs and an epic introduction for new listeners.

BLKLST’s second single off Spider Love, ‘Let Go’ sees the band venture into post-hardcore territory here. This track is a definite highlight, and it currently stands as the tightest song we’ve heard from the boys (so far). Title track ‘Spider Love’ ups the ante with the hard and fast metal riffs here, while also showcasing their unique nu-metal sound. ‘Shut Off’ rounds out this EP taking us on one more explosive riff ride, complete with an aggressive in-your-face chorus that makes this tune another major highlight of this EP.

With Spider Love, BLKLST delivered explosive metal riffs and melodic choruses which show huge potential in the band making an even bigger name for themselves amongst the Australian heavy music community. If you haven’t caught on to BLKLST yet, do it now because Spider Love will most definitely entice you into their awesome nu-metal sound, much like it has for me.


BLKLST – Spider Love tracklisting:

  1. BLK.FM
  2. Something Inside Me
  3. They All Look the Same (Feat. Aidan Holmes – Dealer)
  4. Let Go
  5. Spider Love
  6. Shut Off

Rating: 7/10
Spider Love is out this Friday. Pre-Order here!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)


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