Revisit Choir Noir’s Performance With Bring Me The Horizon

If you, like us, were taken away by Choir Noir‘s rendition of Architects‘ ‘Doomsday‘ which we posted up the other day, then chances are you’re going to LOVE this too. The UK singing group first made headlines when they teamed up with Bring Me The Horizon for their Live at the Royal Albert Hall show/album back in 2016 (FYI I’m just discovering this now so don’t give me too much shit alright) and strangely, the pairing worked so fucking well.

Kinda like how Metallica did their S&M album with the San Francisco Symphony, the combining of two completely different types of music (metal and orchestra) just worked so fucking well and added a completely different feel to it.

Choir Noir and BMTH performing ‘Shadow Moses‘ was incredible and hilariously weird seeing a group of moshers bashing into each other during the set, something I am sure the choir group would never have thought they’d experience at one of their performances. The group also released their own performance of the song (without BMTH) and you can check that out here, but if you had to pick between the two, their latest Architects rendition takes the cake.

Never thought I’d be a fan of acapella/choir singing but thanks to heavy music, I’m appreciating it more than I ever thought I would…

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