Aburden – Gig Review 24th May @ The Colonial Hotel, Melbourne VIC

The Colonial Hotel, Melbourne VIC
May 24th, 2019
Supports: Parkwood and Headstrong

Aburden continue to turn heads with their melodic hardcore sound and vibrant performances which always manage to captivate a crowd. This time it was their turn to headline an east-coast tour with AM//PM, having promised an hour long set full of old and new favourites in support of their debut EP turning two years old as well as a brand new unreleased song, fans all across Melbourne were excited to witness the five-piece do what they do best.

Headstrong kicked the night off with their impressive performance. The five-piece pop punk band did a great job of warming up the crowd, despite how empty the band room was at this point. Their energy and musicianship was spectacular. Vocalist Josh O’Loughlin jumped off stage, into the crowd taking that high energy along with him for a handful of songs. They also threw a cover of ‘Who Knew‘ by P!nk, which reacted well with the crowd and encouraged sing-alongs and moshing. Next up was Melbourne up and comers Parkwood, This band kicked things into fifth gear from the second the started playing. Performing with an incredible amount of confidence, they did a stellar job of delivering their melodic hardcore sound to a half packed band room. Seemingly playing every note with precise timing. With a unique sound and style, this band is definitely an act you would want to watch!

It was then time for headliners Aburden to jump on stage. Picking up where Parkwood left off, these guys had the crowd, who was mesmerised by each and every note the band played, in the palm of their hands. From the very start vocalist Mason Forster was jumping on speakers and in the in amongst the crowd, roaming from the stage to the back of the venue while singing which gave each member in the crowd a chance to be a part of all the action. Playing old songs from the bands debut EP My Old Friend such as ‘Without Me’, ‘They Say’ and ‘Without You’ to commemorate two years since its release as well as songs from their most recent EP The Last Goodbye (our review here), the crowd couldn’t have reacted better by producing deafening sing-alongs and copious amounts of moshing. Throwing in the setlist a brand new unnamed song (watch the Instagram video below to see its demonstration), which was significantly heavier than their usual style, everyone in the room certainly felt special to be one of the first group of fans to ever hear the tune which produced the biggest mosh pit of the night.

Having wowed music fans all over the country there seems to be no stopping Aburden, with this band showing incredible amounts of determination and commitment to their music (as well as their fans) its only a matter of time until they blow up and are playing headline slots in the country’s biggest venues.


Need You
Don’t Say
Without You
One For You
Unnamed New Song
Without Me
Face To Face
They Say

Gig Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994 

aburden gig

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