Gojira Guitarist Christian Andreu Took A Pyro Fire Blast To The Face Like A Champ

PYRO! No, not the character from X-Men, the flames we see on stage at heavy metal shows and think “goddamn that’s hot, I wonder how the band on stage would be feeling the heat!?” Well, Gojira‘s Christian Andreu came face to face with the fire and the flames during their recent set at Sonic Temple Festival over the weekend when the band’s pyrotechnic flame was blown into his face by the wind, resulting in him copping an eyeful of fire.

Surprisingly, after heading backstage following the incident, he managed to get himself checked out then headed back out to finish the show for their fans… WHAT. A. LEGEND. The video below is doing the rounds and if you’ve wanted to see what actually happens when a band member gets too close to the flame, you can now cross that off your bucket list.

Photo by Lizzy Davis Photography. Insta: @llzzies

Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe was there to show fans the aftermath


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