Watch The Bennies Highjack A Pre-Polling Venue In The BEST Possible Way

We love The Bennies, Seriously. We’ve covered many of their shows, reviewed many of their albums and just appreciate everything they stand for and today we love them even more after video emerged of them hanging out the front of a pre-polling venue in Greensborough, Victoria armed with flyers… to their forthcoming tour!

Watch below as Anty Horgan hands out fliers amongst legit political parties to those walking by, which even manages to catch a voter off guard once they realise what’s going on….

politics is bullshit… And the bennies is BUUUUULLLSHIT get a ticket to Punk Rockin’ The Suburbs

Posted by The Bennies on Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Fucking. Legendary. Icons.

Catch The Bennies Punk Rockin’ The Suburbs from June 22nd. Tickets via the website

bennies punk rockin tour

The Bennies – Punk Rockin’ The Suburbs 2019

Tickets Here

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