Trophy Eyes – Gig Review & Photo Gallery May 10th @ Badlands Bar, Perth WA

Trophy Eyes
Badlands Bar, Perth WA
May 10th, 2019
Supports: The Wolfbats and Shangrila

Nearing the end of their tour with the marathon Groovin The Moo Festival, Trophy Eyes make a generous stop off to grace the hell-themed walls of Perth’s own Badlands Bar. The Newcastle band gaining an unprecedented rise to the mainstream listener since their 2016, Hottest 100 charting, album Chemical Miracle hit the radio. Trophy Eyes brought their hits to a sold-out audience on this mild Friday evening, along with some amazing support from The Wolfbats & Shangrila.

With the small audience clutching the ‘free on entry’ beer graciously supplied by Badlands Bar, The Wolfbats entered the stage. Belting out a series of fun-spirited pop punk tunes with a zealous energy behind their movements. These performers had very obviously had a few years of punk rock experience under their belts and it truly showed. With tight precision and and a genuine love for the stage the crowd reacted well to their antics. It took me a second to adjust to the sometimes off pitch vocals however, reminding myself that this is punk rock and nobody gives a hoot about musical elitism. What the vocals lacked in perfect pitch, were returned tenfold in snarling energy and bitter roars.

By the time Shangrila made their appearance onstage, the crowd was beginning to thicken. The Perth band immediately bringing out their signature brand of bittersweet, melancholic melodies over rock steady musical performances. In fact, not once did I see these boys miss a beat, truly a group of finely tuned musicians. At this point, I took a second to remind myself of the raw talent which oozes from the little isolated City of Perth. As their set progressed I became more impressed, evoking a truly modern spin on emo/alternative music while avoiding silly gimmicks. Even as they switched to 7 string guitars mid-performance, it did nothing but diversify their sound, giving them a new sonic palette, while remaining true to their (post-hard)core.

Anticipation grew as 10:30pm came dragging its way onto the overflowing crowd’s impatient phone screens. Trophy Eyes flow out from the green room and onto the stage to witness their sold out sideshow. Coming off the back of touring with GTM, I wondered if this crowd seemed small to them in the scheme of things. If that was the case, it was definitely not communicated, with each musician giving every ounce of energy they could muster. A happy-go-lucky and genuinely joy inspiring bounce of energy coming from the stage. An awe inspiring crowd, moshed, dived, surfed, and swirled in constant succession. Their voices heard crying every emotional and tear provoking lyric. Living in a bubble of progressive metal, I often forget the sheer joy and enthusiasm for music made for the sake of raw emotion. This was truly an unforgettable performance from the boys in Trophy Eyes.

Big shout out to the inhouse and touring crew who put on the production for the show, which was amazing as always. Without you guys, none of this would be possible & my photos would come out nowhere near as brilliantly.

Gig Review & Photo Gallery by the Matt Gedling. Facebook: V_N Photography Instagram: @raiiv_n
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The Wolfbats


Trophy Eyes

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