Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary (EP Review)

Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary EP
Released: May 10th, 2019


Patrick Goodman – Vocals
Tyson Taifer – Guitar
Jake Mackin – Bass
Robert Brens – Drums



It’s no surprise that everyone in the local heavy music scene can’t seem to get enough of Gippsland’s very own Mirrors, within the last 12 months they have been touring extensively around Australia and working on some new music. With an impressive catalogue of released music its exciting to see what these guys have put together.

The EP kicks off with ‘Damien’ which has a violently explosive intro and starts off the release incredibly solidly. The strong guitar riffs are a stand out in this piece with the fast upbeat of the drums complimenting the rest of the band. Vocalist Patrick Goodman shows off his range here with his trademark metalcore screams and also his clean vocals, proving that he is not a one trick pony. ‘Stain The Page’ maintains a fast tempo and with a remarkably catchy chorus, its hard not to bop your head along to it. The drums are a feature point in this piece, delivering a hard and fast sound with intricate details, they’re what really make this song what it is, a masterpiece.

‘Can You Hear The Silence’ starts off with vocalist Patrick screaming “you look at me like I’m burning a world that is still tangible. I feel the beat in my chest so why do you look at me like were not animals” as the instruments slowly build up until it reaches the fast tempo these boys love playing on. The chorus is slower than what Mirrors usually have but it does work nicely and helps the song build-up to a mind-blowing breakdown. The guitar riffs in this piece are really professionally done with its timing and fit the song quite well. I also wonder if the title is a nod to Bring Me The Horizon‘s belter ‘Can You Feel My Heart‘!? Title track ‘Cold Sanctuary’ slows the pace down a bit but keeps the band’s staple metalcore sound. For the majority of the song, Patrick sings with cleans, letting that talent of his that we don’t get to see as much flourish. ‘The Puppet Strings are Broken’ is the fastest song on the EP, filled with breakdowns throughout these guys really did well here. The way that each instrument compliments each other, particularly in this piece is quite outstanding. Although it is a short song, it is a great piece to finish the EP on as it has left me desperately wanting more.

It was hard to find faults in this EP, the Mirrors boys have gone above and beyond with this one. Proving that they are a force to be reckoned with, there is no doubt in my mind that these guys have got what it needs to be known around the world for their musicianship.

Mirrors - Cold Sanctuary

Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary EP tracklisting

1. Damien
2. Stain The Page
3. Can You Hear The Silence
4. Cold Sanctuary
5. The Puppet Strings are Broken

Rating: 4/5
Cold Sanctuary EP is out Friday, May 10th. Pre-Order here
Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994 


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