Johan Hegg – Amon Amarth (Audio Interview)

Amon Amarth. There’s something about this Swedish band that captivates audiences across the globe. Whether it be their brutal chest-crushing metal sound, the spine-tingling death growls or their ability to turn incredible stories into equally impressive metal anthems, they’re a band that most certainly deserves your attention and luckily for us, we managed to grab frontman Johan Hegg for a chat about their new album Berserker.

The album itself is fantastic, it’s not often I score an album 10/10 but this was just pure unadulterated Amon Amarth and I could not find a single fault with it during my review (read that here), but how do the band create these masterpieces? How much thought/research goes into the stories that’ll be told and how do the band feel about making music in a world where streaming services are hurting bands more than helping them?

All that and more will be answered in the below interview with arguably one of the best and most intense death metal bands to ever walk this earth. I hope you enjoy it.

Interview by Gareth Williams
Header Photo by Mick Goddard (MickG Photography)

Berserker is out now via Sony Music Australia. Grab a copy right here!

amon amarth album

Amon Amarth – Berserker tracklisting

1. Fafner’s Gold
2. Crack the Sky
3. Mjölner, Hammer of Thor
4. Shield Wall
5. Valkyria
6. Raven’s Flight
7. Ironside
8. The Berserker at Stamford Bridge
9. When Once Again We Can Set Our Sails
10. Skoll and Hati
11. Wings of Eagles
12. Into the Dark

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