Mikaila Delgado – Yours Truly ‘Ready to take on the world with Afterglow’

Sydney pop/punk quartet Yours Truly are on the verge of having a massive year. Having recently signed to UNFD, they jumped on some shows and are about to release their first label EP, Afterglow this month. We caught up with frontwoman Mikaila Delgado to talk all things Afterglow, playing shows and how they’ve pretty much got their sights set on conquering the world. 

Hey Mikaila! How stoked are you to release Afterglow out into the world?

I’m so ready for it to be out. We’re all really excited about it.

I love both the songs you’ve released so far, ‘Circles’ and ‘I Can’t’ Feel’ by the way. Where did the inspiration come about for those two songs?

‘Circles’ is about my experience being a woman, especially in the music industry. ‘I Can’t Feel’ is about my life, as I live with a connective tissue disorder. I wanted to write ‘I Can’t Feel’ in the way of, this is how I feel and I’m sure other fans feel the same with what they’re going through in their lives. If someone can connect to that song, and make them feel like they’re not alone, then I’m happy.

While you were writing Afterglow, what bands were you listening to and were inspired by?

We wrote Afterglow almost a year ago now. The boys and I all have very different music tastes, like we all love alternative music. Lachlan and I love bands like State Champs and Neck Deep, whereas Teddie loves the heavier bands. He’s a big Counterparts fan. I feel like we each have our own different bands that we love, and I guess that’s kinda like what we take into consideration when we’re writing and we’ll all put something into the songs. There’s not really one band that we want to sound like. It was very much like we went into the studio, we wrote these songs, and we kinda just wrote what we liked. We didn’t want to sound like anything in particular. I like to think that if we didn’t write Afterglow, then this would be our favourite EP!

You’ve had quite the touring schedule so far this year, with UNIFY and touring with The Faim! How have the crowds responded so far to your live shows?

Really good, especially the last few months where we’ve seen so much enthusiasm. We’re seeing the same faces but we’re also seeing a lot of new faces which is really cool. When we played The Faim tour, seeing people that knew ‘Circles’ after it had only been out for a few days, it was so cool having people come out and know the words to our songs so soon.

Big congrats on the Download UK gig as well! Are you guys excited for that? What are you hoping to gain out of the Download experience?

I’m very excited, but also nervous as we’ve never played overseas before. Getting to play Download for our first overseas show is huge. We’re definitely taking this time now to prepare ourselves and to get ready for it. I’m hoping that we go over there, play and people will walk away thinking we were good enough to want to listen to us more. It’s our first time doing something like this, so we just want to make a good impression.

And finally, what’s the one thing that you’d like to knock off by the end of the year?

I would have liked to have gone to a few countries. I think to have been able to tour to a few countries would be really cool! I want to end this year and be like, I got to go and see all these cool places.

Thanks so much for chatting today, Mikaila! Best of luck with everything this year!

Thanks so much for chatting with me!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)

Afterglow is released April 12, through UNFD. Pre-order here!


Yours Truly are:
Mikaila Delgado // vocals
Teddie Haron // guitars
Lachlan Cronin // guitars
Bradley Cronan // drums

Catch Yours Truly on tour next month with Hellions!


Friday 3 May, The Gov, Adelaide (All Ages)
Tickets here

Saturday 4 May, The Capitol, Perth (18+)
Tickets here

Friday 10 May, The Triffid, Brisbane (18+)
Tickets here

Saturday 11 May, Max Watts, Melbourne (18+)

Friday 17 May, Metro Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)
Tickets here

And if you’re lucky enough to be in the UK this June…


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  1. Both of their EPs are just awesome. Even though they aren’t as hard rock as I prefer, they still kick ass with lots and lots of hooks. But both EPs right now!

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