Earth Caller drop thumping new song called ‘I Am No Good’

“Break your fucking neck to this shit”

Is the callout that Earth Caller frontman Josh Collard screams with delight before the band erupt into a thunderous, headbang-inducing breakdown guaranteed to send heavy tongues wagging and result in medical professionals shaking their heads in disapproval and the best thing about it is, you can join in while watching the new video for ‘I Am No Good‘.

We grabbed Josh for a chinwag to find out all about it and the new changes the band has seen in the past year since releasing their last album Crystal Death (our review here)

Firstly, congrats on the new song, I need to know who are you no good for?

Thank you very much mate! The song overall is about that depressive mind state that you can get into where you tell yourself you’re no good for anyone; your friends, your family, your loved ones and impact one can have on themselves by telling themselves these things.

My intention with the song is to let people know that they’re not alone in having those thoughts with the hope that it helps on the way to finding themselves in a better place.

A great mentality to have and FYI, you’re good enough for us so don’t ever doubt yourself. This new song is heavyyyyy as fuck in parts. Something the band isn’t exactly new too, but what inspired the brutal headband inducing breakdowns?

Hahaha thank you for that. The inspiration for this and future Earth Caller releases this year is very eclectic but for this song I wanted to use the more frantic elements of death metal and thrash metal and create the biggest breakdowns with those frantic elements in them.

Next song we’re intending to release is in a different direction to this and it’s something that we’re excited to release. It has a very dope feature on it too, so we’re excited to have it follow I Am No Good.

Intriguing… How does your doctor feel about all of this headbanging you’re about to do?

Hahaha, me and my doctor are not optimistic. The road/musician lifestyle has fucked my shit right up lol.

I noticed a post that said the new era of the band or the new Earth Caller, has there been some changes?

Yes there has been some changes. On guitar we have Daniel Keighery, bass is Nick Davies and drums is Josh Clinch. They’ve played music together so these young guys already have a huge chemistry together. Bringing their commitment and talent into the fold has given EC both a fresh new feel but with an already honed feeling sound.

A new song so soon after the dropping of Crystal Death last year? Any intention to release new music so quickly or were you just keen to show off something fresh?

Defs keen to show off something fresh. We plan to release a lot of new music this year.

What’s next for the band this year?

First up is our release show for I am no good on April 6th at Stay Gold w/ Wither, Heists, Rumours & ATLVS Then Dead Of Winter Festival in Brissy More shows TBA. Also lots of new drops. Stay tuned

Can’t wait for it, thanks Josh and well done on the next era of Earth Caller!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Earth Caller – Australian Shows 2019

I Am No Good – Single Launch

April 6th @ Stay Gold, Melbourne

Tix Here

Dead of Winter Festival

July 13th @ The Tivoli/Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane

Tix Here

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