Cast Down – A Deconstruction of Self (EP Review)

Cast Down – A Deconstruction of Self EP
Released: 22nd March 2019

Cast Down Lineup:

Jack McDonald
Pat Kearney
Jared King
Todd Tombleson

Cast Down Online:


Industrial and hardcore have been sharing a fairly successful relationship as of late. Code Orange have perfectly harnessed the intensity and insanity that leaning into hardcore can conjure, whilst Youth Code have relied heavily on the industrial elements to push forward their abrasive sound. Melbournian quartet Cast Down have tried their hand in this territory and landed effectively between the two, blending into an even and often enjoyable pastiche of those elements.

Moments on opening track ‘Pantomime Villain’ are positively evil and rank among the best moments of the EP; the disorientation surrounding the song truly lends itself to the continuing interest in the song, as well as evoking a feeling of dread as you could not possibly guess what is coming next. The conclusion of ‘Reborn and Violated’ is much the same. A slow riff speeding up in tempo adds a lot of character to the song.

Latest single ‘Left Unrequited’ comes out as one of the best songs on the EP; a ferocious advance of pummelling double kicks and unsettling industrial breaks. The strained and all out vocal approach adds another smear of bloody violence atop the already manic three and a half minutes. ‘Leatherman’ is equally as compelling; the forward, lumbering bass and dual vocal approach lifts the song up, before it devolves into a crushing conclusion of screeching static.

The other songs on the EP are competent, but in a scene where boundaries are being broken down with every single release, album or EP, it’s not enough to just be so. Whilst A Deconstruction of the Self boasts tremendous moments, as a wholesome of the songs tend to slip into a rote routine, the songs with unique sounds and tones come out as more enjoyable. Regardless, there is frankly a lot of variety of elements on a single EP, it is parts of the production and song structure that bring it down.

Cast Down Press (2019)

Overall a wonderful first release and from hearing the original version of ‘Leatherman’, a massive step forward in their work to date. Cast Down are a band to watch closely in the near future, because if you’re not paying attention they may just take your head off at the neck.

Cast Down - A Deconstruction of Self

Cast Down – A Deconstruction of Self tracklist:

  1. Pantomime Villain
  2. Reborn and Violated
  3. Thread My Lips
  4. The Water
  5. Left Unrequited
  6. Leatherman

Rating: 3/5
A Deconstruction of Self is out now via EVP Recordings. Grab a copy here
Review by — Dylonov Tomasivich

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