Love your music HEAVY AF? Get a load of Full of Hell’s new single ‘Burning Myrrh’

Full of Hell have just delivered a single from their forthcoming album Weeping Choir out May 17th via Relapse Records. ‘Burning Myrrh’ exhibits all the grindcore elements you’d associate with the band, but with a lot more atonality than industrial influences this time around. The introduction brings to mind Portal while the rest reeks of deep black metal influences. 

You can instantly tell it was recorded by Kurt Ballou too; the tone of the guitars and the utter destruction of the drums under the nails on blackboard screech of Dylan Walker is just perfect. 

If this tickles your spine and puts a smile on your face, pre-order here

Full of Hell - Weeping Choir (2019)

Full of Hell – Weeping Choir tracklist

1. Burning Myrrh
2. Haunted Arches
3. Thundering Hammers
4. Rainbow Coil
5. Aria of Jewelled Tears
6. Downward
7. Armory of Obsidian Glass
8. Silmaril
9. Angels Gather Here
10. Ygramul the Many
11. Cellar of Doors

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