Void of Vision – Gig Review 16th March @ Seaford Community Centre, Seaford VIC

Void of Vision
Seaford Community Centre, Seaford VIC
March 16th, 2019
Supports: Chasing The Void, Death in Bloom, Wither and Pridelands

Freeza group Fresh Entertainment hosted a massive line up of local talent in the Seaford Community Centre which had an incredibly nice feel to it. It brought me back to the days where popular bands in the heavy music scene would regularly play a show in a small local venue, now that heavy music scene is substantially larger, this sort of thing doesn’t happen as often anymore.

First up were Chasing the Void, an up and coming band who have huge potential. I was initially thrown back with just how heavy they are. They played a tight set and didn’t miss the mark. They were a pleasure to watch, however they played for longer than their allocated 20 minutes which stuffed around the next band. They also announced that they have an EP coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled! Next was Death in Bloom, they suffered as they already had to play a shortened set and on top of that endured some technical difficulties. For their second song no vocals could be heard but luckily the sound technicians were on top of things and it didn’t last too long. They only got to play three full songs that the crowd could hear properly.

It was then time for one of Australia’s newest supergroups Wither to take to the stage. This impressive five-piece was exhilarating to watch. They interacted well with the crowd and it really seemed as if they didn’t miss a note. I’m already excited to see where this band ends up as their level of professionalism is outstanding (revisit our review of their Rot and I EP here). Pridelands didn’t fall short of the mark either kicking things off with their hard-hitting tune ‘Any Colour You Desire’ and maintaining a high intensity throughout the entirety of their set. They also threw in an unreleased, unnamed song which really struck the crowd well. People were really getting around this band producing a circle pit and a fair bit of energetic moshing.

Finally, it was time for headliners Void of Vision to play. They started off their set with new single ‘Kill All My Friends’ with half the venue moshing along trying to match the band’s high energy. They played a healthy mix of old and new favourites such as ’Nightmare’, ‘Ghost in The Machine’, ‘Grey Area’, Purge’ and more throughout their 40 min set. Every band member that plays an instrument in VoV is in sync with every move they make to the slightest detail and frontman Jack Bergin seemed as if he has a never-ending supply of energy throughout the set which is just some of the many reasons which make this band so special the watch in a live setting

Void of Vision prove again and again why they deserve to play huge Australian and International shows. With new music expected to drop this year, they are a band to keep an eye on!


Kill All My Friends
You Will Bring Me Down
Grey Area
Ghost In The Machine

Written by Adam Rice. Insta: @adam.rice94


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