Tobias Forge (aka Cardinal Copia) – Ghost (Audio Interview)

It’s not often you get to sit down with Ghost frontman, Tobias Forge. The mysterious leader of the Swedish act doesn’t do a lot of media and his face to face interviews are rare. It’s only recently the man behind the mask has been unveiled in full. Wall of Sound got the opportunity recently in Melbourne following the band’s Download Festival appearances (our coverage here). In the lobby of the hotel, the diminutive singer discussed his thoughts on festivals, or should we say his hatred of festival appearances, labelling them, “a necessary evil”. Forge also took time to delve into his goals for the future of Ghost and what will happen with alter ego, Cardinal Copia on the next album cycle.

Tobias was quick to dispel any similarities to Australia’s own disgraced scumbucket cardinal, but offers his thoughts on being described as a ‘heavy metal bridge’ or introduction to new heavy music listeners. We also hear about his concept for a future DVD/Blu-ray release.

Have a listen out for when he says the band will hopefully return to Australia in the foreseeable future, then stay tuned for more once announced…

Interview by Jim ‘Plugga’ Birkin @KeepnTabs73
📸: Charlyn Cameron. Insta: @chuck_stuff

Revisit the band’s Download Festival sideshow in Brisbane right here

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