The Donald Trumpets – Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay (EP Review)

The Donald TrumpetsWaterboarding at Guantanamo Bay EP
Released: February 8th, 2019


Craig | Trombone & Vocals
Steve | Trumpet & Vocals
Fletcher | Bass
Peter | Guitar
Luc | Drums & Vocals
Laura | Saxaphone

The Donald Trumpets online:


Ska has got a bad wrap over the years. Somewhere around the early 2000s, Ska became a punch line to music fans around the world. Was it the sideburns and slicked back hair that put people off? Was it the fedora hats? I don’t really understand why people turned on Ska.

Ska is fun. Ska is wild crazy fun in fact. And when done right, you can’t help but dance about in unadulterated bliss as that brass section belts along. The Donald Trumpets are here in 2019 to make Ska great again (Yeah cheap joke but I had to) with their new EP Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay. The six piece, hailing from Perth describe themselves as political party ska and that’s exactly what they deliver! Think Less Than Jake or Goldfinger with an Aussie accent. The first taste we got off the new EP, ‘Coping Mechanisms’, is the perfect party song. It’s lively right from the beginning with a catchy chorus that you will be chanting along to in no time. It’s the sort of tune that would fit in perfectly in an American Pie film.

Another album highlight is ‘The More You Know’, a tongue in cheek poke at online bloggers that think they know best, with unfounded theories about life. Seriously why wouldn’t you vaccinate your child?! Do you want them to die of a mediaeval disease?! My only criticism would be that it feels like the EP is in the wrong order. ‘Bummerfest’ is a slow start to the EP and feels like more a closing track. The thing that ska fans like most is the punching high tempo romps and you’re holding off on that? But maybe I’m over thinking it and most people listen on shuffle in iTunes or Spotify anyway.

So if you haven’t put on any ska since Reel Big Fish’s Cheer Up, chuck on a bowling shirt, checked pants and take a listen to The Donald Trumpet’s new EP. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much fun you’ll have.

donald trumpets - waterboarding

The Donald Trumpets – Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay EP tracklisting:

1. Bummerfest
2. Coping Mechanisms
3. Guys, I’m Syrias
4. The More You Know
5. Beer Party

Rating: 7 out of 10  
Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay is out now via Bandcamp or Spotify.
Review By – Aiden G @Aiden_G

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