Wall of Sound presents: International Women’s Day Band Showcase Week – Rock/Doom Metal

International Women's Day Band Showcase Week Doom/Rock

Did you know that International Women’s Day was originally called International Working Women’s Day? It was coined as such because ‘under capitalism, the female half of the human race is doubly oppressed… even in the most democratic of the bourgeois republics, they remain, firstly deprived of some rights because the law does not give them equality with the men.’ You can figure out who originally said that after two or three guesses I’m sure.

The reality is, it is as true today, as it was in 1921, and the women of today are still oppressed. I know I’m not changing the world by doing this list, but I am definitely using it as an excuse to push the music I like onto you all. So without further delay, here are ten bands in the rock and doom categories that have women in them, that kick a lot of musical ass.

Blood Command (Facebook//Bandcamp)

A wonderfully danceable mixture of rock and punk, Blood Command have taken the world by storm. Their album Funeral Beach was the best synthesis of the essence of Kvelertak, and the forward thinking progressiveness of modern rock, but their latest Cult Drugs was even better. However, a new album may be on the horizon that trades in their massive aggression for a more mainstream sound, but we’ll have to wait and see, when their album comes out later this year. Their music’s jagged edges are in large part dedicated to their vocalist Karina Ljone. Her scratchy shriek punctuates all he best moments of their music, and delivers vocal hooks that will undoubtedly get stuck under your skin.

Low Dose (Facebook//Bandcamp)

 Grunge is deeply rooted in rock and nothing is as grungy as Low Dose. Born from the ruins of Legendary Divorce and Fight Amp, their dynamic mix of fuzzy guitars and varied vocals courtesy of Itarya Rosenberg will blow your clothes off, or at least make you take them off because you feel all gritty. All the singles from their as of yet unreleased debut are as different as they are awesome. Definitely an album that I’ll be jumping straight into March 29th.

The Devil’s Blood (Facebook//Bandcamp)

If you have a yearning to summon Satan with good ol’ rock music that sounds pretty tame but has the lyrical content of a demonic orgy, then summon no further than The Devil’s Blood. Dutch occult rock has never been catchier nor better written. I really enjoy the drumming on all three of their albums, but Farida Lemouchi’s angelic voice lures you in to their waiting den of paganism. The Thousandfold Epicentre is seriously a great album to trek through a forest to, or even just sacrifice a goat on a lazy Sunday morning.

Devil Electric (Facebook//Bandcamp)

Hailing from Melbourne, Devil Electric exemplify what it is to be an old school doom band. No screamed vocals in sight, the haunting melodies and dirge like croon of Pierina O’Brien pairs beautifully well with the slow, downtempo waves of sound that make up the guitar work. Their self titled debut was well received in 2017 and is worth a listen if your a fan of Ozzy Osbourne or Blues Pills. Seeing them live is pretty impressive too. I was so impressed I even purchased a shirt.

 Electric Wizard (Facebook//Website)

Electric Wizard don’t really need any introduction; they’re easily one of the biggest and most famous doom bands around, but maybe they’ve slipped through your cracks so I thought I’d add them in anyway. Creating absolute masterpieces like Dopethrone and Witchcult Today, they are monoliths of their genre. The heaviness of their music cannot be overstated. Feels like you’re being ground underneath the hooves of Satan. It’s probably little known, but their bassist is, in fact, a woman. Seeing her rock out at Dark Mofo in Tasmania, 2018 (coverage here) was quite an experience, as she writhed along with the ebb and flow of their evil fucking music. Legalise drugs and murder!

Marmozets (Facebook//Website)

 Easily one of the coolest fucking rock bands of the 2010s. The brother-brother brother-sister-brother quintet released The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets in 2015 to so much critical acclaim it was ridiculous. For good reason. The math influence spasticity of their music was infectious. ‘Why Do You Hate Me’ remains an absolute party starter; a scream thrown in here and there by Becca Macintyre adds just that little bit of grit to the polished wonderment that is their music. Marmozets stage antics are also a huge draw, as every member is like a Ben Weinman waiting to explode. Their latest album has a few elements I don’t like, but the songs are still well crafted and catchy, so it’s worth a look.

Messa (Facebook//Bandcamp)

This Italian quartet tread the fine line between being psychedelic rock and doom in the best way possible. A psychedelic riff will ring out, before being distorted and fuzzed out into a slow section of monotonous strumming. It reverts to startlingly lucid beauty too though; the vocals are silky and alluring, begging you to come forward into the slow, oozy atmosphere of their own making. Messa released their second full length last year and it’s wonderful. Melding all those psychedelic and bluesy notes into a soaring old school doom format.

Pagan (Facebook//Tumblr)

Oh Nikki Brumen, you make my heart ache with admiration. She is a part of one of the most stylish bands in existence. The fusion of blackened sensibilities with good ol’ rock and roll seriously gets my blood and head pumping. Abrasive, throaty screams are just one of the reasons that their sound is so unique, but the main one is the complex songwriting they all employ. Black Wash, released in 2018, is a journey through the dark and dramatic minds of Pagan, barreling through songs that’ll bring smiles to your face, and aches to your neck. Pagan are one of a kind, and exhilarating as all hell. Catch them on tour in April/May.

Raave Tapes (Facebook//Website)

 If you think mixing rock, punk, dance and glitter in a jar and moulding it into a vague amalgam of three people wouldn’t make good music, you’re entirely wrong. Raave Tapes are by far one of my favourite discoveries of all time. This Novocastrian trio are yet to release a full album yet, but the growth they’ve shown on their (wildly entertaining) videos to date is admirable. ‘Suds’ has all the washed out bass fuzz you could ask for, courtesy of Lindsay O’Connel whilst ‘2 U XOXO’ showcases the unapologetically hip Australian chic of their music. It’s by far the coolest way to rock out at a party if you’ve got your dancing shoes on.

Windhand (Facebook//Bandcamp)

Windhand are kind of the premier psychedelic doom band. Where Electric Wizard are crazy heavy and satanic, Windhand employ an ethereality to confound and bewitch. And bewitched you will be. Aftter putting on their latest, Eternal Return, it’ll feel like you’ve been travelling forever and gotten nowhere. It’s a heavy body high, weighing down your body and your brain until it feels as if you’re being crushed by the air itself. Dorthia Cottrell’s vocals give you a small sense of weightlessness but it’s all part of their oppressive plan.

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