Masked Intruder – III (Album Review)

Masked Intruder – III
Released: 1 March, 2019


Blue // vocals/guitar
Green // guitar/vocals
Yellow // bass/vocals
Red // drums


One look at these guys and you’ll know they’d be a fun band to listen to. Masked Intruder are four brightly coloured mask wearing dudes who have teamed up with the likes of Less Than Jake’s bassist Roger Lima and All American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty. Having previously signed with Fat Wreck Chords, this is actually Masked Intruder‘s third album, the first release with their new label Pure Noise Records. Conveniently titled III, they’re here to try and attempt to create their most infectious album to date.


‘No Case’ kicks III off with an arena-bound anthem, and what a great choice for the first single. This one packs a punch with catchy hooks and melodies, with some very tongue in cheek lyrics. ‘Just So You Know’ and ‘I’m Free (At Last)’ sound like they’ve come straight from the 90’s and are guaranteed to have you nodding your head. While much of III’s lyrical content is about love, ‘Mine All Mine’ and ‘All Of My Love’ take it out for being the ultimate love anthems here. ‘All Of My Love’ definitely takes you back to the 80’s here with that guitar riff over the bridge.  

‘Please Come Back’ brings the break-up song vibes here and while it is indeed enjoyable to listen to, I feel it’s one of the weaker songs compared to the rest of the album. ‘B & E’ ups the ante with an energetic punk-fuelled anthem that definitely sounds like it was inspired by the Ramones. I’d even go so far to say that this is the highlight of III, as it brings plenty of fast-paced action from the band.

By this point, I felt like Masked Intruder have created an interesting concept for III and this was to tell the world about the neverending story of love and personal connection. While most of the first half tells of being in love, this next second half tells the story of unrequited love and lust. ‘Maybe Even’ is a cheesy track about being hopeful with a potential love interest, while ‘Not Fair’ tells of the constant trials and tribulations of being rejected and hey, I think we’ve all been there before.

‘Stay With Me Tonight’ and ‘Dream A Little Dream’ both nail that longing feeling for personal connection with another person. While both songs are undeniably catchy and the hooks are awesome, the overarching lyrical theme of love does sound a bit repetitive for the listener (if you made it this far).

Closing track ‘I’ll Be Back Again Someday’ sounds like the perfect finale for III, announcing to the listener that Masked Intruder don’t plan on disappearing into oblivion any time soon. These guys will most definitely add ounces of fun to your playlist with their infectious brand of pop/punk. However, the majority of III just kind of all blends into one another and I really hope that for next time round, they experiment more lyrically and add some more substance to their work.  


Masked Intruder – III tracklisting

  1. No Case
  2. Mine All Mine
  3. All Of My Love
  4. Just So You Know
  5. I’m Free (At Last)
  6. Please Come Back
  7. B & E
  8. Maybe Even
  9. Not Fair
  10. Stay With Me Tonight
  11. Dream A Little Dream
  12. I’ll Be Back Again Someday

Rating: 5/10
III is out this Friday. Pre-order here!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)

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