Wall of Sound Presents: The Vinyl Odyssey – Feb ’19 Edition

“Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music. But when he went home, he listened to vinyl.”  – Neil Young.

Vinyl records. If you’ve clicked on this page, you love them, and we do too. Where else can a music experience bring you art, music the way it was meant to sound, feed a collection habit, and break your bank. We’re smashing our way through February with already some great wax offerings from a host of genres into 2019 and next month is looking the goods too if this handful of records we have for you to froth over is any indication. Remember to chuck us a follow on Twitter (The Vinyl Odyssey) and remember my bargain of the month will be at the bottom of the Top 5 Vinyl coming out next month article. Get amongst it vinyl lovers!

Megadeth – Warheads on Foreheads
OUT ‐ 22/03/19

Megadeth haven’t been seen in these parts for a few years now unfortunately though a new album is expected this year, following up from the awesome, Dystopia of 2016. In the meantime, a limited deluxe 4LP vinyl edition of some Megadeth tracks is set to be unleashed next month, and is a monster! 2018 marked the 35th anniversary for Megadeth, one of the most influential powerhouses in thrash metal history, and a part of the BIG 4 thrash bands of the 80/90s. All year long the band have been celebrating this occasion with various merch store events and now Dave Mustaine has personally plucked out the 35 tracks for a new anthology honouring his legacy. Of course, the last anthology/hits collection was released way back in 2008, which brings first time albums selections onto this anthology for The System Has Failed, United Abominations, Endgame, Th1rt3en, Super Collider and the Grammy award winning album Dystopia. The 4-LP set has also been pressed on silver coloured vinyl, available exclusively through the Megadeth online store, including a deluxe bundle. Grab it here.

Children of Bodom – Hexed
OUT – 08/03/19

It’s been three years since the release of I Worship Chaos and Bodom have taken time out around touring to carefully develop this new work, which packs a hell of a punch. History tells us that having an extensive time frame to work on a project can often result in procrastination and loss of focus – but with Hexed the reverse has manifest in this 11 track, impressively stripped back melo-death, rock-n-roll-rampage. Hexed is a high-energy, up-tempo record seething with new life but also all of the Children of Bodom trademarks that millions of fans around the world have grown to appreciate. Their mix of melo-death meets blackened thrash with a neo-classical twist, and piercing Derek Sherinian-intense keyboards peppered with Alexi’s venomous vocal bile, is what makes a Bodom spread so engaging. And it also explains why the Hate Crew continues to wow crowds across the globe, their reputation continues to grow as a fearsome live act with incredible technical proficiency. Stronger than ever and evidently thrilled to be in such great health, Hexed is beckoning Children of Bodom into a new era of world domination. A few vinyl variants can be found on the net including an exclusive variant of pink via Nuclear Blast Records.

Buckcherry – Warpaint 
OUT – 08/03/19

Ask Josh Todd about the inspiration behind Warpaint, Buckcherry‘s eighth studio album – and indeed, the frontman’s goal in making music – and he’s got a ready response: “I want to connect with people, host the party, and give people a night they’re never going to forget,” Todd says. As he sings in Warpaint‘s title track, “I wanna have fun blowing out your eardrums keep it rocking state to state.” The Los Angeles-based lineup has been doing exactly that since the 1999 release of their self-titled album. Hits including ‘Lit Up,’ ‘For the Movies,’ ‘Crazy Bitch‘ and ‘Sorry,’ not to mention Grammy nominations, international touring and Platinum sales, have solidified Buckcherry‘s rock ‘n’ roll bona fides. Warpaint, produced by Mike Plotnikoff (Halestorm, All That Remains) adds to that impressive legacy, boasting the dynamics and immediacy of the band’s incendiary live show, coupled with Todd’s personal, no-holds-barred lyricism. Exclusive Buckcherry merchandise and vinyl bundles are available at Century Media’s North American store.

La Dispute – Panorama
OUT – 22/03/19

La Dispute is five close friends from the Upper Midwest with a firm passion for the concept of music and art as a medium for making new friends. As a result, La Dispute makes (or strives to make) music that is both artistically, technically, and emotionally engaging in hopes of establishing legitimate connections with any and all interested people, while encouraging dialogue between those people and themselves about things in life that truly matter and that truly last. La Dispute also carries a firm passion for the relevance of a live show, both for the bands involved and for the people in attendance, and will go to the grave believing that the environment created when strangers come together despite their differences to celebrate one important thing is invaluable and should not under any circumstances be taken for granted. Panorama is the upcoming fourth studio album released by La Dispute. It will be released on March 22, 2019, through Epitaph Records. The album was inspired by the drive that vocalist Jordan Dreyer and his partner would take from their home in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan to Lowell, where the latter grew up. The album will be released on vinyl in a few sexy variants, available in different parts of the world and varying limited editions. Best head to the band’s website direct to find out.

Devin  Townsend – Empath
OUT – 29/03/19

Over the past few years, the success that Devin Townsend has slowly worked for has fortunately come with the power to control his own creative destiny. On this album, Devin has decided to see what would happen if all the styles that make up his current interests were finally represented in one place. To finally shake the fear of expectation, and just do what it is he was meant to do creatively, Empath, true to the name, is about allowing the audience a feeling for a variety of musical emotions. The musical dynamics represented on this single album are broad, challenging, and immense. To approach this sort of work with a long history of what makes heavy music ‘heavy’, allows this to be done with a type of power rarely heard. A bold statement with massive production values and dynamic, uncompromised musicality. This is a statement about not only pursuing creative freedom in a conservative scene, but also trying to show that heavy music is truly a valid musical tool.

Head to Devy’s links from his website for exclusive coloured variants from different parts of the world.

So, that’s the best of the bunch, vinyl-wise for March. Get your pre-orders in! #bargainalert – of course, I didn’t forget, but before that the previous month’s Tom Petty bargain was obviously too much for Amazon Australia to take, admitting they made a blunder with the pricing, but at least you would of picked up a free $10 voucher via the stuff up and if like me you argued with them more, another $10 voucher on top of that. This weeks bargain alert comes from American rock band Hüsker Dü, with their second album, Zen Arcade. Released all the way back in 1984, it is hailed as being instrumental in the creation of the alternative rock genre and this album in particular is frequently included on lists of the all-time best rock and roll albums. The 2 LP vinyl version is much sought after and retails far above is current asking price of just, $13.95 via our friends at Impericon Australia! Hop on board! Link here

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