The Top 10 Signs from Sydney’s Don’t Kill Live Music Rally

Musician and punters alike, banded together on a rainy Thursday to fight for their livelihood in Sydney’s Hyde Park for the Don’t Kill Live Music Rally. If you’re reading this you’re most likely well aware of the current war on festivals and youth culture in the form of live music that ole mate Gladys is imposing. You’re probably scared, nervous and overall rather sad. You saw Mountain Sounds Festival get shut down, Blame being placed on festival organisers and tragedy after tragedy occur, all the while Gladys exclaiming with stubborn persistence that the issue will be resolved via restriction not education.

Yesterday was a reminder of why we play shows without pay, Why we wait in line for 6 hours straight, why we go to work after a show with no voice at all, why we watch bands go from a 10 to a 10,000 room cap… why we support… why we fight. The united scene of every genre from EDM to emo was an uplifting moment in an otherwise dire situation; even more uplifting was the funny as fuck signs people made. Thought we could cheer things up a bit so here’s some of my favourites.

#10 – BereJOKElian


#9 – “For my Nan who couldn’t be here”

Coolest. Nan. Ever!


#8 – Patrick Star meme


#7 – Last Resort


#6 – Kick Ons!!

Would you want her there though?


#5 – Starting them young

Parent goals honestly.


#4 – Team Effort

This man knows how to build a brand!

#3 – Hakken

A classic practice.


#2 – Sorry Victoria

Wow, people really don’t like Melbourne huh.


#1 – Innuendo

This one takes it because it takes a second to register what they’re on about.


Nothing unites people more than mutually agreed upon stupidity. Thanks for that one Gladys

Words and Photos by Bree Vane. Facebook: Weather Vane Visuals
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