Kids in Control – Is This Thing On…? (EP Review)

Kids in Control – Is This Thing On…?
Release date: 20 February, 2019


Mike Bennett // vocals
Juzzy Jetson // bass/vocals
Dan Falconer // lead guitar/vocals
Jordy Lee // rhythm/vocals
Grant Myers // drums


Last year, Melbourne boys Kids in Control ditched the cold Victorian winter for a summer stateside, where they spent a few weeks in the USA recording at King Sound Studio with producer Nick Thompson (you might know this guy from Hit the Lights) What came out of this was a 7-track EP (and a whole tonne of fun, if you check out the video below!) that will make you feel nostalgic for your younger years, and I think 2019 needs bands like these guys to remind us that the early 2000’s punk era and spirit is still alive.

Check One’ is a fast punk one-minute track taken straight from the recording studio. It’s short and sweet, kinda gives you an introduction into the band’s sound and personality, and they’re telling you (literally!) to listen and sing along. Launching straight into ‘Take Me Back’ and this is actually my personal favourite on the album. Featuring guest vocals from producer Nick Thompson, this track is straight up nostalgic AF. Strong 2000’s vibes here, this song could easily fit onto the most recent Hit the Lights album (Summer Bones). While these lyrics are cheesy and fun, it’s the guitar riffs throughout that makes this track an easy listen.    

“Take me back to those nights with you, singing all the words to Ocean Avenue…”

The boys’ current single ‘Last Mistake’ perfectly sums up the entire record. Clean instrumentals, fun and easy lyrics complemented by those “whoa oh’s” make this an epic lead song for the EP. I have to say though, that guitar solo two minutes in is an incredible addition for a pop/punk breakup song. Kids in Control slow it down a little for ‘Stay’, before turning it up for their very own party anthem ‘Best Damn Night’. Listen to these two, and you’ve got the soundtrack to your weekend sorted.


You Don’t Need Car Keys (To Drive Me Crazy)’ is a classic pop/punk track that everyone will fall in love with. It’s a hard and fast one, and captures that early 2000s vibe perfectly. Old school Blink-182 and All Time Low fans, you’ll be enjoying this one! Is This Thing On…? finishes with an acoustic guitar duet titled ‘Closer’ (featuring Nashville singer Lacey Caroline) that gives off a campfire summer sing-along vibe.  

It’s refreshing to hear a band that can include a variety of tunes on one EP. Kids in Control are here to keep that old school spirit afloat and this is what makes them stand out in the scene. They’ve got a decent collection of pop/punk that’s worth a listen and is almost guaranteed to take you back to your younger years.


Kids in Control – Is This Thing On…? EP tracklisting

  1. Check One
  2. Take Me Back (feat. Nick Thompson)
  3. Last Mistake
  4. Stay
  5. Best Damn Night
  6. You Don’t Need Car Keys (To Drive Me Crazy)
  7. Closer

Rating: 7.5/10
Is This Thing On…? is out tomorrow. Pre-order here!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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