Live in Sydney? Get down to the Don’t Kill Live Music Rally on February 21st

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The NSW Government’s War on Music Festivals is getting out of hand and so far we’ve seen ridiculous demands being asked of promoters and organisers which is severely impacting the future of these events in the state. The Berejiklian Government are out of touch and have no sympathy for these events which they would rather earn a quick buck from by charging massively inflated fees for larger police presences rather than listening to those who want/need to see these events continue on. Already the aftermath has been seen with the cancelations of various Live Music Festivals, some of which had been running for years without issue prior to these new rules and regulations coming in.

A line in the sand has been drawn and music fans are being urged to have their say at the Don’t Kill Live Music Rally which will take place on February 21st from 6pm at Hyde Park, Sydney.

If you’re an avid festival goer, supporter, worker, volunteer or just someone who doesn’t want to see the live music/entertainment scene in NSW turn to shit (any more than it already is), now is the time to get involved. Rally organisers from Secret Service PR (onya legends) are calling for the State Government to:

  • Stops killing live music in NSW
  • Forms a music regulation roundtable to review all regulation impacting live music
  • Immediately undertakes a Regulatory Impact Statement for any regulation impacting music festivals
  • Develops an industry standard with full transparency for user-pays policing and medical services
  • Works with the music industry to develop robust, effective and achievable safety protocols for festivals

If you can’t make the rally, you can sign the ever-growing petition here to voice your concerns. Let’s band together and save our music festivals, not only for us, but for future generations too.

don't kill live music

Don’t Kill Live Music Rally

Thursday Feb 21st @ Hyde Park Sydney from 6pm – 8pm

Register here: Don’t Kill Live Music Rally 2019

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