Felicity – Old Habits (EP Review)

FelicityOld Habits
Released 15th February 2019


Damien // Vocals
Andrew // Guitar
Cory //  Guitar
Mike // Bass
Tyler // Drums



If you enjoy your pop/punk hard and fast, or you’re waiting for an A Day To Remember Homesick 10-year anniversary tour, this band might just save your day. Felicity have been on my radar since I caught them on the 2017 Warped Rewind At Sea cruise, where I got to see them perform alongside Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Story of the Year. Old Habits is their third EP release, and their second EP to be produced by Andrew Wade (ADTR, Neck Deep) and let me just say, this is one of my favourite releases this year (so far!).

Old Habits has everything you could want in a pop/punk EP. Catchy AF lyrics, hooks and melodies. Actually, I’m just going to come out and say it – this should be a full album of 10 songs. ‘Trigger Happy’ packs a punch with a feel-good summer intro to start us off. Remember that term “easy-core”? I think Felicity is bringing that back in 2019, and this one song is proof of that.

This next track is one for those who like to get a bit rowdy in the pit. ‘Circles’ takes us on a darker angle with those catchy riffs blended perfectly with some post-hardcore vocals. While it still has those pop/punk riffs, those extra vocals makes it even more epic. It’s like the guys are telling you to start a circle pit on this one.  

Tough Luck’ is a hopeless love song turned upside down. It kinda continues along the dark tones of ‘Circles’, but by the end of the chorus, you’ll be singing along with Damien and the crew. It’s the love song in this collection, if you could even call it that. Maybe anti-love. But it’s still fast enough to get you moving, that’s for sure.

I’ve given you all the time I could take
I’ve given you all my love going one way
I’m done with being your innocent prey
I can’t help wonder if you were worth it anyway.”

These Florida boys will lift your mood with their next tune. ‘The City Beautiful’ is kind of an ode to their hometown (Orlando, Florida) and will without a doubt have you singing along to this summery vibe. I can definitely relate to this tune, having lived in Orlando way back in 2012. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see pop/punk bands pay respect and love to their hometowns instead of whining about it.

The gang vocals return for the sad-happy anthem ‘Call Sign’, one for those that feel hopeless. This is probably the second-most relatable song by Felicity – I reckon everyone will dig this one alot. We all feel like shit some days, this song is guaranteed to get you out of that rut.

This EP is way too short for a band this talented, and I’ll say it again – Old Habits should have been Felicity’s debut 10-track album. The boys finish with their hit single ‘Weekend Warrior’, and if you haven’t come across this one yet, it’s one of those “I hate my job” vibes. Easily the catchiest song ever, and most relatable, it will have you on your feet, out that office door and grabbing a beer before you can say “Fri-yay!”

Florida is well-known for bringing out some of the best in pop/punk, and Felicity fit right in. These guys will be one to watch in 2019, and their catchy as hell tunes are here to make you dance. Save them onto your playlist now guys, and let’s hope Felicity make it to our corner of the world by next festival season.

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Felicity – Old Habits EP tracklisting:

  1. Trigger Happy
  2. Circles
  3. Tough Luck
  4. The City Beautiful
  5. Call Sign
  6. Weekend Warrior

Rating: 9/10
Old Habits is out Friday via Penultimate Records. Pre-order merch bundles are available here!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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