Travis Barker addresses Tom DeLonge’s post-blink UFO passion during Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Look I’m not gonna fucking lie here, I adore Joe Rogan. The man is such a professional and well-respected interviewer and goddamn he gets the best out of the guests on his podcast series which recently had on Travis Barker, drummer for blink-182, +44, Transplants, Box Car Racer and, well, almost everything really. Two icons in one room talking shit and it was only a matter of time before the elephant (if you will) in the room was brought up, Tom DeLonge (spoiler: jump to 1:20:45 of the video)

As we all know, Tom infamously left blink back in 2015 to pursue other extracurricular activities with his business To The Stars… and he also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience in 2017 to discuss some of those ventures and claims he made about aliens, UFOs, spacecraft building and a whole lot of nothing that he couldn’t talk about due to confidentially agreements etc…

But Travis, on the other hand, had a no holds barred discussion about his former bandmate’s projects, UFOs and his search for other life in the universe stating:

“It’s really not something he just got into, from the day I fuckin’ met him, he was obsessed with UFOs and aliens and was always very passionate about it… I was just very open and took it all in but nothing has changed… he’s dead-ass (serious)”

Joe pressed on about the UFO/alien side of things saying he believes intelligent life could be out there, but he hasn’t seen any evidence to back his thoughts on the subject, Travis Barker also chimed in too revealing:

“I feel like it could be real, I believe, but I’m not dedicating my life to search for it. And I give it to him (Tom) man, to honestly walk away from your very fucking successful band, to go do that shit, like, I have nothing but respect for his passion, but it’s like, I couldn’t do that! It really shows, he’s very very passionate about it”

Was that a cheeky little job with the whole leaving your “very fucking successful band” comment or what?! Either way, it’s good to see them talking as positively (as they can) about each other following the colossal fuck up that followed Tom’s departure back in the day.

What about you, do you think Aliens Exist? Because I sure as fuck do! Even long before Tom turned into Fox Mulder. Keen to see what he eventually has to offer us down the track regardless.

Browny @brownypaul

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