EXCLUSIVE: Glass Crown’s Danny DiBella issues statement to Wall of Sound regarding Void of Vision plagiarism accusations

If you missed the news yesterday, New York metalcore outfit Glass Crown were allegedly caught out plagiarising on their new song ‘Lucid‘, which features identical instrumental arrangements that sound VERY familiar to Melbourne metalcore band Void of Vision‘s track ‘Ghost in the Machine‘ from 2017’s Disturbia EP. Both songs include (pretty much) the exact same intro riff and breakdown arrangement, something which VoV’s friends, management, UNFD label staff and fans were quick to point out:


Glass Crown‘s fans, friends and business associates got on the defensive and had their say on the matter too:

vov comment 1

And even fellow UNFD label mates Thornhill chimed in, keeping their “beef game” with Void of Vision strong:

Glass Crown released a statement temporarily yesterday on their Instagram Story (which we shared in our original post), but it didn’t really delve into the issue at hand and merely pushed it aside until a later date. However, the band’s guitarist/singer/songwriter Danny DiBella reached out to Wall of Sound, offering to share his side of the story in which he claims this is all a big misunderstanding:

“There’s seriously not much I can say. This is heartbreaking for me on so many levels. The fact that I look up to so many AU bands like Make Them Suffer, Polaris, Thy Art Is Murder and all them. I’ve had my work stolen from me so I understand how Void must feel. I understand it’s a huge no-no in this industry. I was raised to never steal from anybody and it’s a moral I’ll always have. If I had heard the song (by Void of Vision), Lucid wouldn’t exist. I’ve taken inspiration from bands while writing plenty of times, but I would never blatantly copy somebody else’s hard work and dedication and pass it up as my own. It’s just wrong. As I said earlier, I’ve had it done to me and I cannot stand it.”

“I would have immediately admitted if I copied their song. I’m not one to lie, especially not repeatedly and ANYBODY who knows me can stick up for me. I don’t know how to go about handling any of this.”

“I’ve never been involved in anything like this and I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused and upset in a long time.” – Danny DiBella of Glass Crown

We pushed further, asking more about the song’s conception, how it was written and if there was anything that could have inspired the instrumental arrangements in their song (Lucid) to be similar to that in Void of Vision‘s song (Ghost in the Machine), to which Danny added:

“I wrote the main riff of the song in our ex-vocalists room actually in early September of 2018. It wasn’t fully written until October. I don’t know where it came from but I had my guitar with me and it just came out, almost exactly the way it’s recorded. Probably made a few changes here and there but nothing major. I just knew from the moment I recorded the first riff I wanted it to sound dark/bouncy. (I) Wrote all the lyrics, named it Lucid afterwards. I know that’s a Polaris title but they’re also one of my favorite bands.”

“the only song I ever heard by VOV before all of this was Nightmare” – Danny DiBella

Danny DiBella of Glass Crown

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused and upset in a long time” – Danny DiBella of Glass Crown 📷: Facebook

We also inquired about the lyrical content/meaning and the tuning that was used in the recording process (to try and get as much information as we could):

“(The) Song is about betrayal. I was pretty upset over my ex girlfriend at the time so technically it’s about that (lol) I made it pretty vague though. so everybody could relate in one way or another. As for the chorus melody I just wanted something catchy that would get stuck in peoples heads. The lyrics aren’t too deep honestly. I just wanted something people could relate to and sing along to.” 

“The tuning is Drop B with a low F# on a 6 string. Architects is my absolute favorite band (sic) and I got it from them. On our debut single we used a similar tuning but in A# instead.”

Danny was more than willing to cooperate and share his side of the story, being the main songwriter at the time, we thought it was best to go straight to the source. We have also reached out to Void of Vision, their manager Chris O’Brien and label UNFD for their own statements on the matter and will report on those as soon as the information comes to us. Stay tuned for this developing story…

Words by Browny @brownypaul

In the meantime, take a listen to this break down of the songs and let us know your thoughts below…


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5 Comments on EXCLUSIVE: Glass Crown’s Danny DiBella issues statement to Wall of Sound regarding Void of Vision plagiarism accusations

  1. This shit is just retarded why can’t vov take care of themselves!? What are you guys trying to get out of this!? Danny poured his soul and heart into lucid and literally your making vov’s fan attack glasscrown? I thought this whole metal scene was suppose to be family?
    Literally vov sounds like any other band? I’m surprised any Australian band didn’t sue vov lol.

    • Hey Stacey, looks like you misinterpreted the idea behind this piece. Following the news and uproar yesterday I wanted to get Glass Crown’s side of the story, Danny offered to share everthing he did in this piece. Nothing was cut, altered or edited from his statement. If anything we all would like to get to the bottom of it. The song is too identical to just let this go away without reporting on it. The scene is supportive of those we appreciate and people have passionately strong opinions about their favourite bands, especially when it comes to “similarities” or songs inspired by others. We’ll be hearing from all angles so it’s fairly presented. Thank you for your comment though.

  2. I know nothing was cut, but you make glasscrown sound bad!? And we!??!? Like I said why don’t you let vov take care of the situation themselves instead of blabbing about there business, yes I understand views and shit but still this shit ain’t right, I literally don’t want hate on glasscrown for this shit ! Each band member from glasscrown have a passion for music just like any other band Danny did not copy the riffs nor anything! I didn’t even know vov existed until you posted an article !? And looking at every hate comments. I swear man, this shit needs to go. Glasscrown is amazing and very talented and so is vov but they all need to come together to solve this, instead of you writing and publicly humiliating glasscrown. Honestly glasscrown deserves better and they don’t deserve this.

    • Umm if you didn’t notice, we’re a music publication, based in Australia, so we report on Australian bands and the news that surrounds them. Its kind of our job.
      We’ve heard from Glass Crown to get to the bottom of their side of the story, which we are thankful for, and we will continue to report on this because it concerns us and the fans of the band in question. We are not instigating hateful comments, we are merely opening a platform for those who want to, to share their opinions and voices on the subject. The same reason we want to hear from you, the Glass Crown fans to hear your thoughts. If it was one-sided, we wouldn’t be opening our doors to just one party and their following. Its funny, I/we didn’t even know GC existed either until the song landed in our inbox, so its the same over this side of the world too.

  3. Well Glass Crown fans aren’t exactly so happy with the way you painted these guys to look like pieces of shit, You technically took the side of 1 party when you were bashing them on all your social media platforms when you only knew ONE SIDE of what YOU think actually happened. Reguardless if it’s your job to report these things or not , these are young kids who LIVE to play music just like any other band. Okay, I get where the uneasiness comes in with the similarities with both songs, but shouldn’t you wait before you just sit there and point fingers at some kids who weren’t even able to get a statement out before you pulled that low move. If you call that reporting then that’s why this scene is so diluted. So quick to call plagarism in a scene where literally MAJORITY of bands in this genre sound the fucking same.

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