Calling All Captains – Nothing Grows Here (EP Review)

Calling All Captains - Nothing Grows Here

Calling All CaptainsNothing Grows Here EP
Released: 8th February, 2019


Luc Gauthier // Vocals
Brad Bremner // Guitar
Connor Dawkins // Guitar
Nick Malychuk // Bass
Tim Wilson // Drums



They may sound like your typical pop/punk band singing about getting out of their hometown, but these guys do it in true Canadian form. Forming in 2014 in Alberta, Canada, Calling All Captains have toured relentlessly throughout the US, Canada and the UK and are best known for their high energy shows. Nothing Grows Here is their debut label release.

Opening single ‘Chasing Ghosts’ is an angsty, in-your-face anthem about not settling for shit in your life. It’ll have you pointing fingers, or up on your feet at least, because this is an absolute jam. Title track ‘Nothing Grows Here’ continues along the same lyrical theme, however is slightly mellowed out with Luc Gauthier singing about being over the norm of everyday life and those long, cold Canadian winters.


Photo Credit: Ruel James

‘Fools Gold’ is a bittersweet tune that starts off slow and acoustic but then jumps straight into full moshpit mode and has the potential to become a fan favourite. Second single off the EP, ‘Disconnected’ is a fun, fast-paced mosh anthem that sees the boys feeling further away from their hometown, with Luc singing with intense emotion and you singing along with him:

“My heart says warm December
While I’m still stuck in May
How can I be there for you while I’m here for me?”


Final track ‘Out Of My Head’ is my stand out track because it pushes the band outside their limits. With that insane guitar riff in the intro, and Luc giving his vocal cords an intense workout, this song has me like “can’t get you out of my head”.

With an EP full of catchy riffs and melodies, complemented by emotional lyrics, Calling All Captains are here to share their infectious high energy with the world, in the hopes that it’ll spread like wildfire and encourage everyone to go wild at their shows.

Nothing Grows Here - Cover Art

Calling All Captains – Nothing Grows Here EP tracklisting:

  1. Chasing Ghosts
  2. Nothing Grows Here
  3. Fools Gold
  4. Disconnected
  5. Out Of My Head

Rating: 7.5 / 10
Nothing Grows Here is out Friday via Equal Vision Records. Pre-order here!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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