Tom DeLonge releases narrative animation of his children’s book Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes?

If you’re a sucker for a pop punk singer with the voice of an angel and the charm and charisma of a clown, then chances are you’re probably going to love this! Tom DeLonge of blink-182, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves has released a new, narrated animation for his latest children’s book Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? where you can literally have Tom reading the book to you, oops I mean your kids as they follow the story along.

The book was released last year in time for Christmas and chronicles the story of a bloke who has his clothes stolen and must embark on a naked adventure to get them back. The story (which is obviously censored for your kids) joins the likes of The Loney Astronaut, Tom’s first children’s story to get a write up, amongst all of the fun and exciting things he’s been doing with his company To The Stars… when he’s not trying to build a spaceship.

If you’re keen to own a real copy for yourself, you can grab it, along with his other stories and books right here

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