STOP EVERYTHING: It looks like The Ghost Inside are working on new music!!!!

Ok, take this with a grain of salt but according to The Ghost Inside‘s Twitter account, it looks like the guys may be working on new music right now. To get you up to speed on the band, back in 2015 the guys were involved in a horrific tour head on crash which resulted in the tragic passing of the two drivers Greg Hoke and Steven Cunningham and injuries which included “badly broken legs and ankles, cracked pelvises, and fractured vertebrae that require screws, plates, rods, [which needed] careful surgery to repair”. On top of all of that drummer, Andrew Tkaczyk had one of his legs amputated following a ten-day coma.

The road to recovery hasn’t been easy with long bouts of rehabilitation to get them back on track again, but fans have watched every minute of their return via their social media accounts which was not only heartbreaking but also motivating because if they could do it, anyone could. One of the last comments we heard from the band last year said:

“yes there is a future for TGI”

And now, a few hours ago, the band were asked on Twitter if they’d be making new music again, to which they cheekily replied with:


If this is happening, you have no idea how much this is going to change everything. This band have been a huge inspiration to anyone who followed their career before and afterwards and to see something like this happening is just completely insane.

We’ll keep you updated as more comes to us but keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed…

There are also calls, pleas and petitions from fans on our Facebook Page for the band to headline UNIFY Gathering 2020 and you know what, we are so fucking down for that it’s not even funny. #TGIunify2020 is the hashtag they’re using. Get involved.

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