Bring Me The Horizon’s Mat Nicolls says “genres are pointless” and they want to be a band that music fans like

The Grammy-nominated Bring Me The Horizon are gearing up to release their new album amo on Friday (our review here), which is one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2019 and so far, lines are being drawn in the sand amongst fans with the singles they’ve put out which indicate the band are moving away from their heavier, rockier roots in exchange for a more synth-driven, pop-rock style. There were also rumours circulating online about the band heading in a mainstream direction just to see if they could “make it” so to say, so we had to get down to the bottom of it all and find out for ourselves.

On this week’s episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall, drummer Mat Nicholls will go into detail about the band’s progression and musical style change up with every album, which has seen them go from their deathcore roots with 2006’s Count Your Blessings, the metalcore influences of 2008’s Suicide Season2010’s There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret and 2013’s Sandpit Turtle Sempiternal, all the way through to the more melodic stadium rock vibes on 2015’s That’s The Spirit. During the chat he revealed:

“I don’t think we ever thought that [wanting to achieve mainstream success], it’s not about that thing, we’re just all about changing our sound up a lot because it’s just refreshing. It’d be too easy for us to just put out the same record, you know; so many bands just find their comfort zone and then they’re just like that… But I think for us, as artists and as musicians we want to push ourselves and better ourselves. But its never been a conscious decision to do that… it just paid off for us.”

“We took these sonic leaps (if you will), tried different things and it paid off and people liked it and then more and more people liked it.”

“It was never like a conscious decision for us to try and break the mainstream or whatever, it just happened. But we’re all happy with it!”

Mat also spoke about genres and how they have become pointless nowadays for music fans and how they’re just trying to make songs for people, more so than just fans of a specific genre:

“We just wanna be one of them bands who just fans of music like, you know what I mean, like, not necessarily rock fans, we don’t really want to pigeonhole ourselves [in a genre]..”

“I think genres are pointless nowadays… we just wanted to be a band that music fans like, you know what I mean? Just fans of music.”

And they’ve done a pretty good job of covering so many different genres.. oops I mean styles on their new album amo, with everything from EDM, to pop rock, stadium rock and just flat out hard rock so it wouldn’t be surprising if new fans, who hadn’t heard of the band before, jump ship and start thrashing amo. As Mat explains, that was purely a self-indulgent exercise within the band:

“…we didn’t really want to make the album that could make us massive, we just wanted to make the album that we wanted to do… and at the end of the day I think that comes across quite well and that’s probably why it comes across very varied and stuff…”

What do you think? Can you appreciate a band who makes an album that caters to a whole, wide range of music fans or should they specifically make an album that resonates with just one particular group? Either way, this new BMTH album will get us all talking, whether good or bad, it’s completely up to you and your opinion.

Words by Browny @brownypaul

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Bring Me The Horizon - amo album cover

Bring Me The Horizon – amo tracklisting

1. i apologise if you feel something
3. nihilist blues feat. Grimes
4. in the dark
5. wonderful life feat. Dani Filth
6. ouch
7. medicine
8. sugar honey ice & tea
9. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down?
10. fresh bruises
11. mother tongue
12. heavy metal feat. Rahzel
13. i don’t know what to say

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