Clive Palmer is a hack, trying to stay relevant by riding on the coattails of Dee Snider…

After a long and lengthy social media fight that’d certainly make any beefing rap artists laugh until their pants fell down (well that wouldn’t be too hard considering they’re usually halfway down), we have come to what I’m calling a conclusion to the fight between Twisted Sister‘s Dee Snider and Clive Palmer of the Palmer United Party after Mr Trump-wannabe Palmer issued a challenge to Dee which really just proved how much of a hack he really is.

In a Facebook post, Clive played his last hand and, to be honest, it’s pathetic how long he kept this going, just for a bit of publicity to boost himself. In the post, he stated:

I would love to join Dee Snider on stage for a sing-off of my ‘Australia’s Not Gonna Cop It’ and his version so fans can decide which one they like best. I’d be happy to be part of the tour when he visits Down Under.

Now, this goes to show that all of the so-called “threats” and counter-suing claims spat out by him were nothing more than a large loud man wasting time and resources whilst trying to keep his name in the headlines, knowing he probably won’t get a seat or even a vote at the next election. However, Dee responded as expected with very loud “NO”.

At the end of the day, Dee Snider, a successful musician has had his name, band and song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It‘ dragged through the mud on several occasions ahead of his Australian Tour by this buffoon who obviously wanted nothing more than to have the spotlight on his “crying for attention” face and I for one and willing to stop that today. After seeing Clive’s latest outburst, I am making the call to no longer report anything the bloke says on the matter, as he has made it blatantly clear that this isn’t about standing up for Australians, but more so about pushing his agenda any which way he can, which includes utilising/plagiarising intellectual property without permission or payment, like he has done with Twisted Sister and their publishing company Universal Music Australia.

Fuck Clive Palmer and Long Live Dee Snider and Twisted Sister. I hope Dee follows through with his suing claims when he hits our shores at the end of the month.

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