Kyle Burrows & Mason Forster – Aburden ‘Forever Seeing Bigger Responses’

Melbourne’s Aburden have worked their arses off to get to where they are now and it is exceptional to see just how much they’re flourishing as the years/months go by. Hot off the release of their EP The Last Goodbye, the band are set to launch the shit out of it this weekend, so, naturally we had to have a catch up to see how they’re preparing for it and how they got to this point…

You guys had heaps of success with your debut EP My Old Friend… How did the recording process between My Old Friend and The Last Goodbye EP? 

We recorded My Old Friend in 2016 with Christopher Vernon, we had no demos or anything, just a few live videos of our songs. So, none of us had any idea how any of the songs were going to turn out but luckily it all just seemed to work out.

When we recorded The Last Goodbye, the process took a lot longer. We went away to a cabin, which we set up as a recording studio for a few weeks with our producers Evan and Ash who recorded the EP. We played live and recorded everything in this cabin and then once we got back to Melbourne we made songs based around these live recordings we had from that experience. When it was time to record the EP, we spent a lot more time on every intricate detail from each instrument than we did with My Old Friend.


How has the band found that the fans have responded to The Last Goodbye?

The response has been amazing. I think some people were a bit shocked with the maturity change in our sound, which we were expecting. It’s been really cool though and it just seems as if it never stops growing, we are forever seeing a bigger response as time passes and the songs are growing faster than they were in My Old Friend. We really couldn’t be happier with how it has all turned out.

It seems as if you guys write about personal experiences or past issues that you have faced, either individually or as a group. Are there a few songs that are about the same experience or is each song meaning unrelated to the other songs that Aburden has released?

Every song has a different theme from the past but overall the stories from the songs tend to clash together. We try our best to adapt these stories or experiences that we write our songs about to relate to a larger audience.

Mason, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby daughter, Isla. How did the anticipation of your first-born child impact you in the recording process?

I found out after the recording process. In 2018 Aburden only did one tour which was in support of Saviour on their first national tour of 2018 and played a handful of shows. We ended up taking about eight or nine months off to focus on personal things. I took that time to set up a stable life for my family. The anticipation was super exciting and now to have my daughter around is incredible, she is so amazing!

So, seeing as Aburden has been a bit quiet in 2018, what can we expect from you guys in 2019?

A hell of a lot of more shows! We are coming back next year a lot quicker and faster than we did in 2018. Our focus of 2018 was to write, record and release new songs. Our aim in 2019 is to bring those songs to new places and to a wider audience.

That’s really exciting to hear! With more shows being the focal point of 2019, I want to talk about some of your upcoming shows that you have already announced. From what I understand Storm The Sky is a band that took you guys under their wing early on and took you on your first real national tour. It’s a bit sad to be hearing that they are breaking up but how do you feel about getting back on the road with them for their final ever tour?

We cannot wait! At our the Last Goodbye release show you will see that Andy (Storm The Sky) supporting us under his new solo side project called ‘Soft Powder’, so we have stayed very close friends with all the members in that band. They have also been a massive influence in Aburden and especially within The Last Goodbye. We are honoured to jump on that tour and be a part of such an emotional last few sows.


I also want to talk about The Last Goodbye release show. What can we expect at this gig?

We are going to be playing the entire EP in full as well as some older favourites thrown in. We have put together a really cool show from the music standpoint as well as the visual aspect of the show, it’s the biggest thing we would have done thus far in our career. We put quite a lot of effort into our headline shows to make it more of an experience rather than standing in a room and listening to music. The Last Goodbye show is just another opportunity to show our worth as musicians and artists.

How are you going to incorporate such visual aspects of your shows on the big stage at the pre-Unify show?

We haven’t even thought about that to be honest. We have been rehearsing and getting ready for UNIFY and we feel it is a set where everyone is going to get excited and can have a lot of fun. In terms of the visual aspect, we aren’t going to be putting in too much effort but when it comes to the performing of our music we are giving this show our everything! We are super excited and grateful to even be a part of UNIFY.

Well we can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us this year and beyond.

Interview by Adam Rice @Adam.Rice94

Aburden play The Last Goodbye Launch Show on Jan 5th
AM//PM‘s Pre-UNIFY Party on Jan 10th
and Storm The Sky‘s Final Tour in Jan/Feb

Aburden – The Last Goodbye EP Launch

January 5th @ Northcote Social Club, VIC 18+

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AM//PM Pre-UNIFY Emo Night

January 10th @ Tarwin Meadows

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Storm The Sky – The Final Tour 2019
with Aburden and Terra

Jan 23rd @ Wrangler Studios, Melb AA
Tix Here

Jan 24th @ Factory Floor, Syd AA
Tix Here

Jan 25th @ The Factory Floor, Syd 18+SOLD OUT

Jan 26th @ Crowbar, Bris 18+
Tix Here

Jan 31st @ Amplifier, Perth 18+
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Feb 1st @ Jive Bar, Adel Lic/AA
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Feb 2nd @ Stay Gold, Melb 18+SOLD OUT

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