Wall of Sound presents: “2018 YEAR IN REVIEW” – by Wall of Sound Writer Carys Hurcom

It has been my first-year writing for Wall Of Sound and I am loving it! Highlights include my review of The Silver Scream being quoted in Ice Nine Killspromo video and Cody Carson, frontman of Set It Off, retweeting our interview. That was all pretty awesome! Personally, 2018 has been hectic but it has been a great year for ska bands, female fronted bands and well, as you will see below, US metalcore band Ice Nine Kills. Sorry, but they’ll be appearing a lot on my lists.

Top 10 Albums of 2018

  1. Ice Nine Kills – ‘The Silver Scream

Anyone who knows me, will not be surprised that this is my number one. I caned this album on high rotation for all of September and October (and a lot of November). It ticks all my boxes, its heavy, fun, lyrically and musically interesting and Spencer Charnas’ clean vocals are amazing!

  1. Panic! At The Disco – ‘Pray For The Wicked

Panic! ATD are one of those bands that keep changing their sound and unlike some of their counterparts, they are always successful at it. This is all down to Brendon Urie’s musicianship. Seriously the man can do anything and it would be good.

  1. The Last Gang – ‘Keep Them Counting

I only discovered The Last Gang this year, after Browny ‘demanded’ (I use that term loosely) that we all give him seven of our top albums in the first half of the year. As I was low on numbers I went searching for new stuff. And Damn! Female fronted punk bands are (thankfully) becoming more prevalent and getting more popular, and The Last Gang are definitely one you should check out!

  1. The Interrupters – ‘Fight The Good Fight

The Interrupters have had quite a successful year and it’s no surprise with this release. Aimee Allen is every punk/ska fans dream girl; cool, great unique vocalist and seemingly a lovely lady.

  1. Reel Big Fish – ‘Life Sucks… Let’s Dance

This literally just came out. And it is typical Reel Big Fish. High energy, joyous ska music underpinning depressing and hate filled lyrics. And I love it!

  1. Authority Zero – ‘Persona Non Grata’

I love Authority Zero, and their album Broadcasting To The Nations was my favourite of 2017. Persona Non Grata isn’t quite as consistent as their previous release, but it is still great to get new material from them.

  1. Mad Caddies – ‘Punk Rocksteady’

Covering a range of classic punk songs from Green Day, Operation Ivy and Bad Religion, Mad Caddies bring their distinctive ska flavour to these tracks and it works.

  1. Nerdlinger – ‘Happy Place’

Punk music should either say something about the world we live in or should be frivolous, fun and something you can sing along to, and the Sydneysiders certainly do the latter well. Even if “stomping the waffle” is one of the most disgusting lines I have heard in a while.

  1. Emigrate – ‘A Million Degrees’

Richard Kruspe of Rammstein’s side project, Emigrate are a solid rock band and this release certainly showcases his musicianship, which is impressive to say the least.

  1. Pennywise – ‘Never Gonna Die’

Pennywise made bit of a ‘comeback’ after their last releases have less than impressed fans. Never Gonna Die is typically Pennywise, if you are a fan, you’ll love it. If not, you won’t.

Top 5 Videos of The Year

I’ve tried to make this list interesting by not making it all Ice Nine Kills…. I swear! So, I decided to show some love to Perth punk rockers Blindspot, for their hilarious video dating music clip.

1. Blindspot – ‘The Right Swipe

2. Panic! At The Disco – ‘(Say Amen) Saturday Night’

3. Ice Nine Kills – ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

4. Set It Off – ‘Lonely Dance’

5. Ice Nine Kills – ‘The American Nightmare’


Top 10 Songs of The Year

  1. Ice Nine Kills feat. Less Than Jake and Fenix TX- ‘IT is the End’
    Any song that can combine metalcore and ska music, has to be my number one.
  1. The Interrupters – ‘She’s Kerosene’
  2. Fall Out Boy – ‘Church’
  3. Millencolin – ‘SOS’
  4. Castle Bravo – ‘Something More’
  5. The Wolfbats – ‘Away’
  6. The Bombpops – ‘Dear Beer’
  7. Set It Off – ‘Killer In The Mirror’
  8. MxPx – ‘Let’s Ride’
  9. Bad Religion – ‘The Profane Rights of Man’

Top 5 Gigs of The Year

  1. The Killers @ Perth Arena 1st May 2018 (Review & Gallery Here)
  2. Good Riddance @ Amplifier Bar 25th April 2018 (Review & Gallery Here)
  3. The Offspring cover gig featuring The De Niros, Los Hombres, Priority One and Hope Street @ Amplifier Bar, 17th March 2018
  4. The Living End @ Metropolis Fremantle, 11th November 2018 (Review Here)
  5. Rise Against @ HBF Arena, 7th February 2018 (Review & Gallery Here)


Favourite Band Discovered in 2018:

The Last Gang


Next Big Australian Band in 2019

Nerdlinger. This year they signed to PEE Records, released the LP Happy Place and toured the USA, with a spot at Fest in Florida, so I say they’re doing pretty well.


Most Looking Forward in 2019

Flying east to see Zebrahead headline their first Aussie tour, the new Millencolin album and tour, and Rammstein’s new one, if and when it comes out.

Written by Carys Hurcom @CarysWos