Millencolin show how Climate Change and “Fake News” are killing the planet in ‘SOS’ music video

Fuck yes is all we can say about the fact Millencolin have a new album on the way called SOS and they’ll be touring Australia in March playing songs from it no doubt (they’ve also just added a Second and Final Melbourne show because the first one Sold Out), but on top of that, they’ve also brought attention to the way humanity is fucking up the Earth with issues like pollution, climate change and Fake News aka Trump being targetted in the new video for their album’s title track.

The video depicts how our planet is calling for help (with melting icecaps) but is going unanswered nowadays, with people only seeing and hearing the sounds and shapes (of the warning signs) but not actioning a plan to help and introduces us to characters who claim it’s all “Fake” anyway.

The band have done a fantastic job of animating their album cover into this 3:25 min video for the track which hopefully will get people thinking about their actions and coming up with ways to contribute to helping the cause, rather than turning a blind eye.

Keen as fuck for this album, if you are too, pre-order it via Cooking Vinyl

millencolin - sos album

Millencolin – SOS tracklisting

1.  SOS
2. For Yesterday
3. Nothing
4. Sour Days
5. Yanny & Laurel
6. Reach You
7. Do You Want War
8. Trumpets & Poutine
9. Let It Be
10. Dramatic Planet
11. Caveman’s Land
12. Carry On

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