The Screaming Jets – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 14th December @ Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW

The Screaming Jets
Factory Floor, Sydney NSW
December 14, 2018
Support: The Poor and Palace Of The King

Following on from the success of their latest album Gotcha Covered, The Screaming Jets have embarked on an Australian Summer tour. In spite of it being Summer, fans braved the torrential rain, thunder and lightning and gosh awful humidity to head down to Marrickville’s Factory Theatre, to witness the nights show.

I’ve frequented this venue many many times over the years, but something I want to mention that I’ve noticed of late, is the really warm greeting we’ve been met with on arrival. The security at the box office is an absolute champion, full of smiles and cheeky lighthearted banter. Same goes for the security near the stage and the general Factory Theatre staff. I’m not sure what has brought about this change over the years, but not only do I like it, I actually appreciate it. It makes a huge difference to patrons experience, being met with smiles, instead of hostility. Factory Theatre, thank you. Keep that shit up!

As I entered the theatre, I was shocked to see a barrier set up in front of the stage. I’ve seen some extreme bands in this venue and not once had there been a barrier. A rock gig of all nights, they decide to put a barrier up? I’ve no idea what that was all about. Oh well, I guess we have something to lean on at least. 8:30pm, with around 100 people in the venue, Melbourne Rockers Palace of the King hit the stage. Vocalist Tim Henwood announcing they had brought the rain with them, he wasn’t wrong. Palace Of The King will be supporting the Jets on their Australian tour, as well as squeezing in some time to support Living Colour on the 19th of this month, in Melbourne. I hadn’t heard these guys before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I was impressed by their talent and showmanship. Sean Johnston, full of exuberance, displaying his multi-skills on guitar and keys, that really did add another dimension to the sound of the band. Anthony Licciardi looked and sounded like he was straight out of the 70’s, with his awesome groovy bass tones and long frizzy hair. He may be young, but that kid has been here before. I felt every pound of Cameron McGlinchey’s drums and thoroughly enjoyed the different sounds from the band. Tim’s vocals had some amazing contrasts. Raw, powerful, gritty. If that’s not enough, add his furious guitar playing that made his guitar absolutely squeal. You can only imagine our reactions when he pulled out his harmonica. Wow! Palace of The King were from another era and for forty minutes, we were transported back to that place and time to share in the experience.  I could go on and on about this band, instead I urge you all to check them out yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.

Next to hit the stage were Aussie Rock N Roll favourites, The Poor. After the release of three albums and a long hiatus, The Poor announced back in June that they were heading in to the rehearsal studio. Whether this was in preparation of supporting the Screaming Jets on three of their Australian shows, or a hint of things to come, remains to be seen. I’m hopeful for the latter and was bloody excited to be seeing them again. The Factory Theatre beginning to fill at a steady pace, with people spread out all over the room. The Poor marched out on stage as fans gave them the “we’ve missed you fuckers” welcome, they deserved. Known for their no bullshit, in your face Rock N Roll,  The Poor got stuck straight into their set with ‘Tell Someone Who Cares’. Anthony “Skenie” Skene with his bottle of Stone’s in tow, was as sprightly as ever, as he bounced across the length of the stage, clapping his hands, rousing loyal fans. I swear that man hasn’t aged a day and looks as fit as a Mallee bull. The set was jam packed with fan favourites, such as ‘Trouble’ and ‘Black and Blue’. Skenie dedicating ‘More Wine Waiter Please’ to the crowd. The crowd responded by singing and dancing along, with hands thrown in the air. The feeling in the room was electric, as we all fed off the bands energy.  Closing the set with ‘Poison’, making their set last just short of an hour. A few technical difficulties and sound adjustments made throughout the set did not deter Rock’s veterans from getting on with it and delivering the goods that we as fans, have been missing for far too long. Tonight was the first of three shows The Poor will be playing with The Screaming Jets. Fans can catch them again on Friday, Dec 28th at Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff. Saturday, Dec 29th at The Shed at Aussie World, Sunshine Coast.

A short break and everyone was pushing to get to as close to the barrier as possible, in excitement for The Screaming Jets. Dave “Gleeso” Gleeson looking out from behind the drum riser in to the crowd, had fans cheering the band on to the stage. Opening the set with skin beatings from Mark MacLeod and some really funky bass from Paul Woseen, led into the band’s rendition of the classic Easybeats song ‘Wedding Ring‘. I had to laugh when I saw Gleeso jumping around in a pair of “Beavis & Butthead” Doc Marten boots. Always a kid at heart. Scott Kingman playing the intro to ‘Automatic Cowboy‘, which fans recognised and immediately moved to. Jimi and Scott Kingman exchanged some tasty solos. A few more Jets originals, ‘Needle’, ‘The Razor’s Edge’ and ‘Shine On’ before Gleeso called for the “Sixth member of the band” to come on stage. With that request, Gleeso transformed into a Live Rock game show host and the “Wheel of Chocolate Anal Love” was brought on to the stage. A fan was called out from the crowd to go up on stage and spin the wheel. Depending on where the “magical red phallus lands”, determined what song would be played next. The fan was fortunate enough to be gifted with a Screaming Jets T-shirt, before returning to the crowd. What song did the “red dong” land on? The Radiators ‘Gimme Head’. I’m quite certain everyone in the crowd knew this one and sang along, myself included. The show continued with some more classic Jets originals and some typical Gleeso banter and humour. Fans cheered to show their respect, when Gleeso informed us Scotty has been in the band for twelve years.

It was time for the “Anal love, chocolate wheel” again. Another fan called up to the stage and another gifted Jets shirt. Dragon’s ‘Rain’ was the spinning song winner this time round. I was a little dubious how this one might pan out. Surprisingly, the guys did a fantastic job. I thoroughly enjoyed it and sang along with the rest of the crowd. It was around this time of the evening that Gleeso reminded us “not only are The Screaming Jets music writers, we are music fans”. I found this to be a really lovely notion and felt it packs a punch to all those people that bitch about bands doing covers. The Jets continuing with a tribute to Icehouse’s – ‘Walls’, an appropriate choice after Iva Davies recent induction into the Australian Songwriters Association Hall of fame.

With the announcement that The Screaming Jets will be 30 next year, legendary guitarist, Bob Spencer was called to join the band on stage, where he stayed for the duration of the show. Bob needs no introduction, but I never like to assume anything. Bob is best known for his amazing guitar skills in Skyhooks, The Angels and Rose Tattoo. Bob also released his first ever solo album Saints and Murderers, late last year. I’m a huge fan of Bob, not only for his music, but his mind and writings. He’s an absolute gentleman. With an abundance of talent and three guitarists on the stage now, the Jets kicked on with a very fitting version of Stevie Wright’s – ‘Guitar Band’. You had to love all the air guitarists in the venue, yes, I was one of them as well. Two more originals, ‘C’mon’ and ‘Better’ saw the band leaving the stage, only to return with three ripper songs for the encore. Gleeso grabbed his acoustic guitar for ‘Shivers’, taking a seat on the drum riser, while Bob came to the front of the stage for a blistering solo. The crowd were gobsmacked when the band broke into a cover of Johnny Cash’s – ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, incredible!  The finale of the evening, only seemed to rejuvenate tired fans after Gleeso stated: “anyone offended by the word “cunt”, can fuck off. I’m not on Twitter, I’m not on Facebook, I’m on stage, so I can say what I like and you can too. I won’t tell anyone”. The band broke out in to ‘FRC‘, the entire room extending their arms, pointing fingers, yelling out “You fat, fat, fat rich cunts”.

Giggles ensued after the band said their farewells and we were left with ‘FRC’ fresh in our minds.  Dave has such a great stage presence and I’ve always found him to be one hell of a frontman. If he’s not entertaining us with his music and facial expressions, he’s doing something to make his audience smile and that’s the point of it all, isn’t it. If you can’t have fun doing what you do, what’s the point of it all?

Review by Trudy Johnson @BrutalTrudes


Wedding Ring (Easybeats cover)
Automatic Cowboy
The Razor’s Edge
Shine on
Gimme Head (The Radiators cover)
Smack in the Mouth
Sister Tease
Helping Hand
October Grey
Rain (Dragon cover)
Sad Song
Walls (Icehouse cover)
Guitar Band (Stevie Wright cover)


Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)

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Palace of the King

The Poor

The Screaming Jets


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  1. Scott Kingman // December 17, 2018 at 2:08 pm //

    Nice one, would hve to agree with all the writers thougths on the venue, a great place to play and a great bunch of staff from bar staff to security. Cheers to you for coming down and giving us your thoughts, we love that. Nice shots also, being a fan of photography i can appreciate the quality of work here. One thing to point out it was actually me Scott that starts the intro to ‘Automatic Cowboy’. it was a long day for all involved with the weather causing havoc with flights and transport in general that day but the show must go on and it indeed did. Thanks for having us and until next time, Rock On.
    Scott Kingman

    • Trudy Johnson // December 17, 2018 at 4:36 pm //

      Scott, my sincerest apologies for that faux pas. Thankyou for clarifying and taking the time to give feed back. Always appreciated.
      Trudy Johnson

  2. Great review spot on, great pics once again and it was a great night of live aussie rock 🤘

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