Waterparks – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 5th December @ The Factory Floor, Sydney NSW

The Factory Floor, Sydney NSW
December 5th, 2018
Supports: Stuck Out and Arborview

The venue was full by the first support. There’s a gorgeous amount of commitment that is unique to All ages shows and it’s rather refreshing. It’s at this point worth mentioning that this venue was wildly unequipped for Waterparks. The low stage and lack of barrier was honestly unsafe. There were only 2 security guys inside and by the time the crowd surfing started no one really knew how to deal with it.

Despite this Waterparks put on a hell of a show. Above the deafening screams of the crowd the boys jump straight into ‘Blonde’ which is honestly impossible not to dance to so naturally everyone’s off their feet immediately. This trend continues through a slew of newer jams including ‘11:11’, ‘Rare’ and pop classic ‘Gloom Boys’ which receives a consistently eager reception. It’s at this point it becomes an achievement not to be damp with sweat. What proceeds is consistently energetic, from both punter and performer alike.

The band only slow it down momentarily for an acoustic set consisting of frontman Awsten Knight receiving sunglasses, flowers and questions about his hair. If anyone was wondering he does enjoy manic panic. When he eventually gets to play again, everyone sings along with ease to ‘Lucky People’ and ’21 Questions’.

The end of the night is a clear highlight. Consisting of what seems to be there top 10 on Spotify (as a casual fan this was most enjoyable); ‘Tantrum‘ (an outstandingly heavier song than anything else in their discography), ‘Not Warriors’ and ‘Stupid For You‘ goes absolutely off. The pit opens up, the crowd surfers begin and the boys are more energetic than I thought was even possible.

These boys put on a ridiculously fun show and they are a treat to watch. I look forward to seeing them come back and play a venue worthy of their size sometime in the near future.

Review & Photo Gallery by Bree Vane. Facebook: Weather Vane Visuals
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