Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall Episode #63 feat. Jade Puget of AFI is OUT NOW

Usually when bands release an album and the hype wears down, there’s the long wait that follows before fans can finally get their hands on some new material, but every now and then an act can surprise us all with a small taste of what’s to come in the form of a single or EP and that’s what AFI have done with their new offering The Missing Man EP.

The new collection of songs showcases what the band are truly capable of when they use their 27 years of experience together (20 for this week’s guest co-host) and offer up five new songs that are unique, but still with that signature AFI tone. Guitarist Jade Puget joins Browny to talk about their decision to release an EP rather than waiting for a full-length album and his response really goes to show the band are certainly looking out for their fanbase (new and old). The pair also discusses Jade and frontman Davey Havok‘s straight-edge hardcore side project XTRMST and what the current state of that band is (if you didn’t know about it, oh boy you’re in for a treat when you hear the song we’ve got playing).

Talking about New Music, there is plenty of it this week from Alpha Wolf, Justice For The Damned, Void of Vision and Emigrate, throwbacks from Angels & Airwaves, The Offspring and more…

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