Alex Gaskarth – All Time Low ‘Good Things Ahead’

As All Time Low gear up to play at the first ever Good Things Festival, we sat down with vocalists/rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth to talk about the band’s onstage antics in the changing industry climate, the looseness that transpires down under when they tour and his ambitions and dreams to join BABYMETAL… The new album is still fresh to some of us, but in this consumer day and age, are you already working on new material? Nothing quite set in stone yet. We’re still wrapping up the Last Young Renegade tour so we’re still kind of coasting on that album. But we started this tour in Australia and it looks like we’re closing it out there too. So last time you guys were here Jack, told us a very dramatic story about you passing out on a plane during Soundwave. Have we planned to stay a little more hydrated this year? Oh man! Yeah definitely the sun can get a little crazy in that part of the world so I will definitely be drinking more water! Have we had any crazy stories to top that? Oh god, nothing like that one. We’ve had a pretty wild year; we’ve been all … Continue reading Alex Gaskarth – All Time Low ‘Good Things Ahead’