Alex Gaskarth – All Time Low ‘Good Things Ahead’

As All Time Low gear up to play at the first ever Good Things Festival, we sat down with vocalists/rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth to talk about the band’s onstage antics in the changing industry climate, the looseness that transpires down under when they tour and his ambitions and dreams to join BABYMETAL

The new album is still fresh to some of us, but in this consumer day and age, are you already working on new material?

Nothing quite set in stone yet. We’re still wrapping up the Last Young Renegade tour so we’re still kind of coasting on that album. But we started this tour in Australia and it looks like we’re closing it out there too.

So last time you guys were here Jack, told us a very dramatic story about you passing out on a plane during Soundwave. Have we planned to stay a little more hydrated this year?

Oh man! Yeah definitely the sun can get a little crazy in that part of the world so I will definitely be drinking more water!

Have we had any crazy stories to top that?

Oh god, nothing like that one. We’ve had a pretty wild year; we’ve been all over the world maybe twice in some places so tours been nuts. I can’t pinpoint anything specific though. I’m not sure we can beat what transpired all those years ago on Soundwave.


Speaking of tour; With the current state of the music industry, has it got you guys second guessing antics on stage? E.g Bras throwing up?

Interesting. I do think about it. I think we all do, but I don’t know if I’d equate what happens on tour to the more serious stuff that’s happened. We try to carry ourselves in a respectful manner and create a safe environment at our shows. I don’t know, I think some of that stuff has always been looked at as kind of a joke to us; it’s never really been looked at as sinister or misaligned and I think the people that come to our shows and engage in that behaviour all know that. So tread really careful and we always try our best to make sure people feel respected etc but at the same time it’s all in good fun at least in regard to what I’m talking about and what I think you’re referring to in our shows. I’ve seen a few people bring it up and its definitely made me think about it but I don’t necessarily know that I’d equate it to any of the other more serious stuff that I’ve seen come up.

It’s good to hear you guys acknowledge the environment. The band do have a reputation of being rather jovial and lighthearted.

For sure. I think it’s changed over the years. When we were 18 and possibly a bit problematic we didn’t necessarily think about some of the stuff we said on stage and how those things could be misinterpreted or reinterpreted. But now being 30 and in much different places in our lives, anything we say is very careful or very clearly in jest.

On the subject of Good Things, what’s your favourite thing about festivals?

What I love most about festivals is the lineups; what a festival brings to the table is that its always eclectic. There are a lot of different acts that bring a lot of different people from all walks of life together and what I love about that is it gives people a chance to really coexist and allows for a lot of self discovery. We get to play for people that may not usually go to an All Time Low show or if we were headlining which allows us to play and win over new fans and grow the name, which is a super important thing for a band like us that really kind of rely on live show to make people want to listen.

Festivals are fun but what are the chances of you guys walking around after your set? Do you do that anymore or don’t disguises work?

(Laughs) This is a super lame answer, but it kind of depends how the festivals are laid out. If its super easy for us to get around then I’m usually out there watching the bands. We have a bunch of friends playing this festival and obviously I grew up on The Offspring. Also there’s a few bands we obviously don’t get to tour with so it’ll be super fun getting to see them.


Is that just a hint that All Time Low are about to go on tour with BABYMETAL next

Yes! I’m actually campaigning to join Babymetal as the new third member. But they’re not answering my calls.

Which band is the most unexpected band you’re most stoked for on the lineup?

I don’t know what people expect me to listen to but I’m pretty pumped to see Stone Sour, The Used, The Offspring. I’ll most likely be watching BABYMETAL because they put on a very entertaining show. It’s a good time.

There’s certainly some good things and good times ahead.

Interview by Bree Vane @Briebrebree

All Time Low play Good Things Festival and their Gold Coast sideshow

Good Things Festival + Locals

Good Things Festival 2018

The Offspring (Performing ‘Smash’ In Full)
Stone Sour
All Time Low | Dropkick Murphys
Bullet For My Valentine | The Used
BABYMETAL | The Smith Street Band
Dashboard Confessional
 (Performing songs from ‘The Places You
Have Come To Fear The Most’ + Fan Favourites)
Mayday Parade | La Dispute
Northlane | The Wonder Years
Waterparks | Tonight Alive | Scarlxrd | Emmure
Palaye Royale | Make Them Suffer | Waax
Boston Manor | Void Of Vision | Ecca Vandal
Stuck Out (Melb), Redhook (Syd) and Stateside (Bris)

Friday 7 December – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne – Licenced All Ages 15+
Saturday 8 December – Parramatta Park, Sydney – 18 + Only
Sunday 9 December – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane – Licenced All Ages 15+

Tickets Here

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